Sep 5, 2011

Haiku - Unexpectedly

Inspiration comes,
In the stillness of the night,
The keyboard busy.

Haikuing again,
Sept 5th '11
Another Monday!

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  1. Hi... Unexpectedly.. Inspiration comes..! Without our knowing... Loved it..:) Have a nice day!

  2. That's why I have a laptop on me at all times, inspiration does strike when least expected. However I do find my creative juices flowing in the stillness of the night, Great post!

  3. @Sagittarian - Thanks a lot for loving it. Yup, sometimes sudden thought comes to mind and that's when I have to grab and pen it down. :)
    It happens to everyone. :)

  4. @leavesforlife - Yes, indeed it happens at unexpected time. We are in the same boat. If you look at my posts (the times they were published), they're mostly written at the wee hours, that's when my mind works best! Thank you for your nice comment. :)

  5. That is the only reason why i keep my lappy every time ON......and atleast two MS word open...when thoughts come, then they come all of a sudden, and if theY are not captured, then they get diffuse away, and it becomes very hard to think those words again!
    Nice work Friend! :)

  6. That's cool! It's really true we have to "catch" the thoughts that come suddenly before they slip away. I used to jot it in a notebook. Thank you, Aakriti, for your kind words. :)

  7. hi balqis, i think these unexpected inspirations that comes are the ones that's really great with the best of ideas, perhaps unique too.

  8. The sudden rush of ideas are in different categories; some are just simple ones but may be can be regarded among the best at that moment as I can't think of other things better than that! Thanks a lot, Wan, for your nice comments. :)