Sep 6, 2011

Haiku - Uncertainty

If I've the power,
To see the unseen, it will
be seen so clearly.

Then, will save the tears,
When the heart knows all the truths,
Feelings unwavered.

Deep in thought,
Sept 6th '11

Image : foggy road by ~leenik on deviantART


  1. Yes, truth can makes us cry but it is always better than being ignorant.

    I thought I had post but I hadn't fill the captcha. I hope I haven't done the same and left before the comment being sent.

  2. Thank you, Ana. Agree with you. Truths always hurt but it's better to know it.

    Your comment is here, Ana. :)

  3. Did you compose this one? It's beautiful...

  4. Yes, Jael, I composed it. All my Haikus and short poems with my signature are composed by me. Thank you for your nice comment. :)

  5. Hello Balqis..

    Yes..if we can just see clearly the next steps ahead then we will save the tears from our pains..but in reality we don't know what the future may bring but we can still choose to wipe those tears and move on :)


  6. Hello Sie! Of course, we don't know what lies ahead. If we have to be in tears, just let it flow, sooner or later, it will get dry. What's important is having the mental strenght to face what may come and find ways to resolve it. Thank you so much for your comments. :)

    P.S. It's really a coincidence that we have our posts based from the root word "certain". :)

  7. hi balqis, it's good to have some less positive thoughts sometimes- they may help balance up our emotional sentiments, should anything unpleasant happens- we are mentally, more prepared and stabilized to face them. it's just being realistic.

  8. Yup, that's right, Wan. Thanks for your comments. :)

  9. We not always ready to know and understand the truth- when we do, we're almost crystal clear to be seen clearly!

    The best part is when we could "live" truthfully-

    What a beautiful haiku duo! Thank you!

  10. Omo, thanks a lot for your comments which have a lot of sense. I like what you said "live truthfully". That's be realistic. Thanks a lot again for your compliment. You inspire me to haiku more. :)

    Hey Omo! You're welcome! :)

  11. A beautiful Composition...
    Thanks for sharing with us :)

  12. Hi Adeel! Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for your nice words. Sharing is caring. I love sharing my works with others no matter how simple it is. Keep coming! :)