Sep 8, 2011

Thursday Haiku

The Sun

I smile at the sun,
The day becomes sunnier,
The sun smiles at me.

Its warmth gives me life,
Thawing the coldness inside,
A new beginning.

On a sun shiny day,
Sept 8th '11

* Starting from today until Wednesday 14.9.11, I challenge myself to write a Haiku a day. I am trying to write a thematic Haiku on life. Actually, I had never written any Haiku before I started blogging though I know what it is. It was when  my blogging reached a year old that I fell in love with it and tried composing some simple Haikus. I love reading Haikus which are short poems written in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Now, I am on a 7-day trial of a continous Haiku writing. Let's see whether I would be able to accomplish this personal mission! Stay tuned! :)

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  1. All the best to you friend!
    Even i have also started spreading my efforts towards haiku writing. After reading a few haiku poems, i do fell in love wid it! The poem type is really very nice..... short and informative!

    keep writing, i would love to read your haikus! :) :P

  2. Hi Aakriti! Thanks a lot for the encouragement. Will try my best. :)

  3. A warmth smile sunshine the day- A cool mind able to lead the beginning- :))

    Awaiting for more your haiku- BB!

  4. What a nice way to start my morning Balqis..greeting each day with a smile on our face will definitely give us a happy day.It will always give us hope for a new and better life..passing by Balqis :)

  5. So kind! So beautiful!

    I never cease to wonder about your skill with haiku!!

    Not a surprise the sun smiles at you!! :)

  6. Thanks a lot, Od, for all your kind words. It's a real boost hearing that from you. :)

    C'mon, don't be surprised, the sun is also smiling at you! :)))

  7. @Omo - Thanks a lot for your nice words. I'm happy to hear that. I know you'll be here again for the next 6 more days. But don't restrict your visits, you're always welcome here at any time on any day. I'm also happy seeing friends around. You guys make my day! Thanks, Omo! :)

  8. @Sie - You're a "loyal" visitor and friend. Your presence is always appreciated. I always like your comments cos you're well-versed. Thanks a lot, Sie. :)

    P.S. It's always nice when you pass by, you do stop awhile and read whatever I have here. Thanks. :)

  9. Thank you for your appreciation, Christine. :)

  10. I like what you're doing very much. The previous posts are so beautiful!
    Loved this one too.

  11. Thanks a lot, Ana. I was trying my best to write some simple Haikus with at least some simple meanings related to life. Happy to see you! :)