Sep 13, 2011

Tuesday Haiku


the day, mortarboard
sat on my head, mom's face was
brightened up with pride

thinking of mom's love,
Sept 13th'll


  1. Every child's achievement will always be a Mother's pride..I know the feeling because my 6 yrs.old daughter sis at a young age is an achiever..she has always been no.1 in her class since she was 4 weeeeee..

    And as long as you can see your kids happy, contented and full of has already been a great achievement for a single Mom I know I am giving the love they deserve..I am a happy Mom :)

    *have a great morning sis mwahhhh :) *..I am watching Ms.Universe with my little boy..bonding moments are so important..

  2. A mother who without any doubt holds all of it!

    This is amusing- when we create something and it get some appreciation we feel the pride like a mother- :)

  3. @Sie - I'm happy to know your child's excellent achievement. She's your pride and joy! You're a great mom! Say "Hello" to her and kiss her for me. :)

  4. @Omo - Yes, it is! It's a wonderful feeling. Thanks, Omo. :)