Feb 6, 2011

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolate

I love chocolate! What can I say about my craving? Whenever I go shopping, I make sure I bring home some chocolate. I even told my family members, if they found it's so hard to decide what's the best gift for me,  just buy me a box of chocolate!

Right now, I am eating Macadamia nuts coated with dark chocolate. It has a balanced taste of   sweetness and bitterness of chocolate plus the crunchiness and nutty taste of Macadamia. It makes me relate it to my life. As I go through the journey of life, there's the sweetness of it filled with so much happiness and successes. Sometimes, almost achieving goals of life. On the other hand, the bitterness of it is forever tailing somewhere. I'm not a perfect person to have a perfect life and so is everyone else. Well, of course, sometimes my life goes nutty!

Whenever I'm swamped with work, I must take some chocolate to boost my energy and make me alert.  It works! Of course, it's not the kind of energy that will make me feel super strong with bulging muscles. No...I still want to be like a lady. Just feminine , smooth and sweet like chocolate! 

My preferences of chocolate are the ones with nuts and raisins. Apart from that, I like white chocolate though it's too sweet. It might be health hazard but I'm not over doing it. I just go for it whenever there's a craving.

At the time, I'm indulging in this yummy goodie, my thoughts are flying somewhere....to a place so divine. This is what I have to say :

Precious moments shared,
So sweet like glazed chocolate,
Soaked in life's vigour.

His perpetual smile,
Was the extra flavour for,
His babe's craving.

Images : Love_Chocolate_Wallpaper


  1. Hell- so cool looking chocolate- I start to write comment without reading your texts! Yum! :)

    Wait- let's check what it taste-

  2. LOL..I know the chocolate's so eye-catching! Commenting without reading - hmmm...it's like driving without checking the car's brakes! Hehehe...I'm just kidding. I know it's the first impression. Hey! than you for your comment. :)

  3. I used to not like chocolate with nuts, but I'm finding when I do eat the nutty ones, they are quite good. I like the creamy chocolate without nuts. White chocolate is quite sweet, a different flavor. By itself, white chocolate it good. Reeses has white chocoloate and it is too sweet. I like chocolate but hard candy is my favorite.

  4. Charming parallel between a "sweet" smile and sweetly energy filling chocolate! Undoubtedly the craving from Babe! :)

    It is a beautiful Haiku, BB!

    To join the choir: I love soft chocolate, that one that leaves your cheeks and nose all smudged!

  5. grrrrr...my friend you know I love chocos...give me some...I love chocos specifically LINDTT...it is a swiss chocolate brand Balqis...love it!...yummy I'll go down now and open a box hehehe...

  6. *big eyes*
    the smell of the sweetest chocos led me here..
    can i have some please? *puppy eyes* yummmmy!!
    i prefer plain dark ones..but if you give me some, i'll take them and eat the chocos and leave the nuts..
    life is like a choco..its bittersweetness tells its value..makes it worth-living:)

  7. I'm a dark chocolate freak :)
    And just so you know I was eating MnMs while reading this amazing chocolaty piece! Mmmmmmm!

  8. @Six_33 - You have a great liking! :)

  9. @Tony - Thanks for your beautiful chocolate-ty comments. It sounded so yummy yummy! :P

    LOL...you would look so cute with smudged cheeks and face! :):)

    (Heard a little voice somewhere asking, "What about me?? Don't forget there's a ME! ME! ME!" OMG, it's Elf!)

  10. @Sie - Wow! great taste! Sometimes, I'm able to enjoy those super chocs from Manchester and Finland. Well, it's always free from my sister who's residing there. There are so many types of flavors. Really nice!

  11. @beanizer_05 - Welcome aboard! By all means, you're free to have as much as you want to. Ok, let's make a deal...you can have the chocolate and leave the nuts. ;)

    Thank you for your nice definition of life. :)

  12. @Hairyman - My dear brother, could you please throw over some of your MnMs through the windows? I'd love to have some! Love dark chocolate, too. :)

  13. I love chocolate..so yummy siz..hehe

  14. Pink, let's have a feast of chocolate! :)