Dec 27, 2010

A Wishful Thought - If It's A Little Garden Of Eden

It's way far from an Eden so,  I would rather call it a place for hangout because this is where I usually go to in the evening or weekends. We have a small space of land at the backyard which we use to plant fruit trees. It has always been my dream to have a large piece of land where I can plant fruit trees of high commercial value like the king of fruits, durian or other types of local fruits. At the moment, we have some rambutan trees which always bear abundant of fruits during its season.

                                                                 At The Backyard

A few types of fruit trees.

A rose plant that grows among the fruit trees.

The rambutan trees. The flesh of  rambutan looks like lychee fruit.

This is herb which tastes nice.
The young leaves can be eaten fresh with sambal belacan (shrimp paste).

The flower, bunga kantan, of this plant can be prepared as salad or used in cooking spicy sweet and sour fish.
Popularly used for preparing noodles gravy. It has a fragrant smell

The leaves of this herb has medicinal value for diabetes and hypertension.
The leaves can be dried and used for preparing herbal tea.
It's called misai kucing  (literally - cats' whiskers)
                                                            At The Car Porch

As a plant enthusiast, I love planting variegated foliage. There is so much beauty in the striped variegation; cream, white or striped lines on the leaves. Variegation means marks of varied colours, especially in plants. That is the definition in Longman dictionary. In Science, it means distinctive patterns of green and white on any part with chlorophyll. (quoted)

My newly planted polyscias.

The stripped and spotted bamboo plants were still in polythene bags at the time this picture was taken.
Now, they are growing well in flower pots.

A family of the spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum variegatum).

Tanduk rusa, in Bahasa Malaysia, literally it's the reindeer's horns.
What can be seen here are among some of the potted plants that I have. Though a plant enthusiast, I have  yet to find out the names of every plant in my compound.  Thus, some pictures are without captions. Just have a peek at them, ok?


  1. kak balqis,wahh. U really have grow gorgeous plants there. Sedap mata memandang :)

  2. @rena, Hi adik! I can spend hours tending and admiring the plants. Yeah, right, green is like coolant to the tired eyes. Thank you, dik! :)

  3. Beautiful, and peaceful, and greenish, and lovely, and a lot more of ands...

    I must try and visit your Eden Garden and taste lychees and some others!

    Maybe when I were a ghost I would go there. :))

    Thank you for so beautiful photos!

  4. @Tony, thanks a lot! It would be a perfect place for Elf to play hide and seek! Oh yes! you must try to visit my little Eden. The best time is during rambutan season. You can easily pluck the fruits and eat it right away and under the shady trees.

    Thank you for your visit. Much appreciated cos I'm happy! :)

  5. my friend...such a lovely sight...I also wish to have a backyard with plants and to see them grow and have fruits.It is such an awesome experience to harvest and reap from what you have been patiently taken care off.Nice post always...

  6. @Sie, thanks a lot! Indeed it's an awesome experience. I believe in the adage, You reap what you sow. Thanks again for yr nice comments. :)

  7. "Aowoo Garden"! ;)

    Nothing better than plant a tree and stay close to them. Happy gardening.

  8. @Moon...LOL, now I'm really laughing. Such a cool name for my garden! I like it so much! You know, you always come up with great ideas which sometimes tickle me! Hehehe

    Moon, I'm keeping the world green. My little part to ensure we have enough oxygen. Thanks for being here, whether it's 'laughing' or 'crying' times, you and others are always around. Appreciate it so much. :)

    Stay aowooing and less wooting! :)

    P.S. You have the exclusive right on 'aowoo'. :)

  9. Wow, it looks beautiful! :D You have a great garden. I'm jealous of the weather, I'm kind of sick of this cold winter right now. I want summer. :)

  10. Hahaha- It's pleasing to see your garden! ;)

    I was heavily on gardening in my teen teen days! Regarding fertilizer had few funniest stories- ;)

  11. @Moon, Hehehe - Oh! nice to know that you were into gardening once. You better share the funniest story about fertilizers. ;)

    @Eva, it's just a little garden. I'm in a tropical country, so we have rain and shine throughout the year. Thanks for yr comments. :)

  12. Did u click these photos? They're beautiful?
    Have you ever considered photography?

  13. @Amin, thank you. Nice to see you here. Pls, come again! :)

    @Hairyman, welcome back! Missed you! Yes, I clicked the pictures. An amateur photographer. I've never considered photography. I clicked just for the fun of it. Need to learn techniques of good shots. Thanks, Harish. :)

  14. I wish I too have those "green thumb" to be able to make those plants grow as healthy as yours! My Mom told me that these flora easily grows when talked to like real friends dwelling in your garden. Try? ;') Hehehe

  15. @Dai, with right soil, right watering and right fertilisers, they'll grow. Yes, it may sound silly, I do talk to my plants telling them to grow well and grow beautiful cos I love 'em!

    Thanks for being here. :)

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  17. @Oxyplants, thank you for the info. Will check it out. Happy New Year to you! :)