Dec 15, 2010

Haiku - Loneliness

At work

Struck by loneliness,
A forlorn heart a-flutter,
To dance with life's music.

At Home

The pin-drop silence,
Grips heart longing attentions,
For worthily life.


Icy cold dark night,
A chilling companion,
Serenades the soul.

Understanding loneliness.


  1. Guess the healthy winds from the ocean influence loneliness a bit more- nice trio Balqis, and the picture. ;)

    It taking a long breaths.

  2. @Moon, thanks so much! I just let my mind wander into the world of loneliness. :)

  3. Brilliant! Just bloody brilliant! I love how you touched each area!! Great going balqis!

  4. @Hairyman, thanks a lot! I hope it makes sense somewhere. Yeah, comments from you and the rest are a drive for me to explore more into Haiku. :)

  5. @kitty, thanks a lot! Please, come again and be comfortable here. :)

  6. nice nice nice...
    clap clap clap clap... love it...I can since the cold breeze of the ocean touched something...

  7. @Steph, thank you maam! Your applause uplift my spirit! Yeah, the cold breeze from the ocean touches the forlorn heart which belongs to a person who is lonesome. :)

  8. wow ! ! ! it really touched a heart dear...keep on going....

  9. @Sabita, thanks a lot! It's the expression of a mind that's trapped in loneliness. :)

  10. I love haiku... lol... sorry for the late response... I don't check my email too often...

    I can relate to the feeling of being lonely..

    I too get lonely very often.. here's a quick haiku from me


    Lost; like children's toys
    laughter echoes as the rust
    tarnishes my joy

  11. @diesel, thank you so much! I like your quick haiku. It really expresses a feeling of lonely.

    I'm just trying my hand on haiku. Written a few before this which you can see in my older posts. Thanks for your visit. Appreciate so much. :)

  12. You are a especial kind of girl, B.

    This loneliness around your soul gives your presence an aura of mystery that glows into some other solitary hearts!

    It is sad, it is painful, but it is alive and full of the charm of a butterfly trying to slide down the lukewarm breeze of a Summer afternoon!

  13. @Tony, thanks a lot, mi confianza! As you glide through the words, you know the story behind it. Thank you for giving me comfort with all your nice words. A relief indeed! :)