Dec 10, 2010

Reasons For Being Thankful

This road isn't an ordinary road,
As I walk down it,
I was stunned by
life's colourful characters.

I could hear the wind whispers into my ears,
the chirpy birds with melodious songs,
and soothed by Jorge Cafrune,
Que Seas Vos.

And I can touch, feel, admire
everything around me,
rough, smooth, big, small, beautiful,
And I can see those who can't see me,
nor hear the whispers of winds,
far from knowing that birds are around,
Nor seeing and feeling the wonders of  life,
Let alone admire the breathtaking sunset,
Or star gazing at twinkling stars above.

But they are always special beyond compare,
Can't hear but can feel,
Can't see but sharp minded,
Can't touch but gifted with one strong physique,
Can't walk but still able to move around,
Can't talk but they are smart.

I come to think of the beauty of not hearing,
the swearing, the cursing, the blaming,
with all the harsh words available.

I wonder at the eyes that see not
the miseries, the suffering,
the imbalance of life,
whatever that gives life its ugly look.

My mind's filled with musings,
of their patience and existence,
that colours this complicated life.

I am astounded by the great ability
of incomplete physique,
that is so reliable to keep going,
far better than with complete
physical ability.

I'm amazed by the skillful hands,
that belong to the eyes that see not,
but the fingers know it all,
leading the mind to portray the beauty,
and produce something of quality,
which I am able to see
but not to the eyes that see not,
nor to the ears that hear not the compliments,
or to the incomplete physique,
Lo! how fair human creation is,
They are special with special abilities.

*A short break from home, makes me learn more of what's life all about.

The musings mind of,
Cats City


  1. wow this is what we get from nature tripping.. "well most of the time" as for me a short break causes my iphone, camera and some other belongings to be stolen...

  2. I'm speechless! How wonderful it is!

  3. @Stephaine, the more we travel, the more we see.
    Just be a lil bit careful with your belongings, I'm afraid you might get lost too! LOL

    @Moon, what I wrote are seen thru my eyes to be shared with everyone. We must have our own reasons to be thankful with whatever we have cos there are less fortunate ones. But they are so special! :)

  4. lol I was once lost in macau hehehe because I don't understand the direction... and I'm really too poor in math...

  5. @Stephaine, LOL...if both of us travel there, I guess we'd be at the counter for lost and found people! :)

  6. I am curious to know what inspired you to write this beautiful poem. Could it be the perfection of the imperfection of life? :)

  7. @yileen, thanks for being curious! :)
    It's perfection versus imperfection. I'm on a short break in the capital city of Sarawak. I saw many things that touched the deepest part of my heart. Walking on the fly-over, I saw some blind women and men, selling tissue papers. I didn't buy but I donated some money. And I also saw some of the beautifully wooven handicrafts made by the blind. I was wondering, they couldn't see but look at what they produced! Isn't it amazing? My eye sights are good but I'm "handicapped" in such skills.

    And there are some working in restaurants. They can't talk and hear but with the help of sign language, we were able to communicate. I admire them for being able to mix with others who were born "lucky".

    Shopping at the Sunday market with my sister, I heard a very nice voice singing and when I turned around, I saw a handicapped guy on a wheelchair pushed by his father. My God! he's gifted with natural talent and could sing so well! If I didn't turn around, I'd have thought that he's a popular artist. My sister's eyes and mine were teary. We donated some money not to spoil him but at least to ease some burdens for his daily expenses.

    By now, you could see the reasons why I wrote this poem (if it is a poem). It comes right from my heart. The less fortunate are surviving, whereas in some cases the more fortunate are spoiling their lives in some social problems.

    Thank you for being here. I'm honored to get a visit from my future scientist. Salute to you, Dr.! :)

  8. @balqis which reminds me that i love the picture you recently posted.. hopefully simmer next year I might be able to visit Malaysia..
    my cousins told me that there are a lot of beautiful woman "he always does look at the girls first" and beaches as well.. hopefully I can really go there...

  9. @Steph, you're always welcome to Malaysia. :)

  10. Wow! Your post was beautiful dear.
    I agree with you 100% ..
    we should be thankful with what we have now.
    And think about them those who had less good fortune..

  11. @Pink, thank you! It's nice to see you again. :)

  12. Very nice! You really write good stuffs!

  13. @iWrench, welcome back! I'm so happy to see you again. Thanks for your nice comments. It's part of my effort to pen down what I see and learn something out of it. :)

  14. Wow, wow and re-wow!

    I am having trouble to see your blog, guess it is because the connection is bad... but I persisted and was rewarded by this beautiful literary job, so full of life, of truth!

    You are a poetess, my dear friend! and a very good one! your feelings have pervaded the written lines and were lost in the inner fibers of my soul!

    Beautiful, wonderful, everlasting words!!!
    I loved each line!

    Thank you busy Bee!!

  15. Hi Balqis! Another great poem. Such talent! Good thing we have the internet and this thing called blogging. Talent like yours must be shared!

  16. @Untony, I'm so happy that you're here again! :)
    Your wows makes me blushed. It's something that comes from a heart filled with purity and right on to this blog cos my heart couldn't hold it much longer. It has to go to others hearts too.

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation. :)

  17. @MamaMia, words couldn't describe the immense happiness I get from your very sweet comments. Good things are to be shared. Thank you for your precious time here. :)