Dec 19, 2010

A Thrilling Weekend

I feel I am free like a bird. I could fly high looking at the wonders of the world. And be among the clouds! Oh, how wonderful! I am not letting your curious minds wonder wildly at what I am talking about. It has nothing to do with a relationship or career. It is just a wonderful feeling during this weekend. A few things contribute to the happiness. I wish this feeling to go on and on till the end of time.

Throughout the week, I achieved some successes which I shared in this blog. I was able to come up with two Haikus which were written right from my heart. I spent a couple of hours on it, letting my brain secreted the best words I could think of to make it appealing and becomes a sweet memory. Why? It is because I could dedicate it to the wonderful and beloved people in my life.

I am also living in a world of fantasy. Yesterday, I could communicate with my icon Elf. He is like any other persona but to me, he is very much alive and kicking! And today, I am even more surprised when Elf drops me a note which says :

"Oddie cannot say how much you filled my goomp (we imps have no heart but goomps) of love and happiness Mrs. B. If I could reach the state where I could love a human being it would be you I choose, and I am very close to it. You are a magnificent writer! Thank you for being!!" Signed: Elf

OMG! he said that! I replied with a heart beating so fast and so audible to my hearing!

"My adorable Elf, you know how much it means upon hearing what you say? I want to hug you right now! If I could love my cats unconditionally (think of their stinky poo but I don't mind), surely I could love you too! Let there be no barrier between our different worlds. You're just another being (though not human). Another creation of God. Love you, Elf!"

I saw Elf smiling sheepishly and blinking his eyes unnnecessarily. His ears glowed like maize (according to his master). My words are for real, Elf!

Now, now, now, do not jump to conclusion and think that I am a lunatic and madly in love. Should I swear? No, a big girl should not swear. It is more of a motherly love to a child. An adorable child who is always up to mischief yet occupies one part of my heart. And it will always be there.

And in my mailbox, there is another surprise waiting to be revealed. A good news from Down Under (Australia). Immediate feeling of wanting to hop like a kangaroo comes to my mind. Whoooa! this is indeed good news! But dear friends, I will tell you about it when the right moment comes. Please bear with me. Be patient! I know someone in Australia is smiling now like I do. :) Thanks a lot, mate.

Another surprise, I just logged in Bloggers and lo! I am on Editors' Picks Of The Day! I was like a scurry rabbit quickly going through my emails, yes...there was a mail from Bloggers Team informing me for been featured on Bloggers as one of the Bloggers of the day and my profile and blog has been showcased in Bloggers Home Page. This is indeed a happy Sunday! I am all smiles now.  And I am like losing words of thanks to everyone who congratulates me. To date, I have 502 awesome friends at Bloggers and it keeps growing. Indeed quite a big group of friends and I feel the warmth presence of everyone at Bloggers. My heartfelt gratitude to the Bloggers Team for picking me as one of the featured bloggers of the day. You guys are awesome!

To summarise it all, I would like to say that I am  a very happy person today for what had been mentioned above. And for getting visits from loyal friends and also dear friends who have been missing in action for quite sometime. Apart from that, I get many new friends from all over the globe. When everyone drops by, each brings along big present of kind words and inspirations! My blog is now full of it. What more could I ask for? My heart blooms like flowers and dancing in perfect tempo with everything you guys shower me with! A HUGE thank you and my love for all of you!

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  1. And that's is it!

    With singular grace you have written everything that can be said!!

    I am so glad you received a small part of all the things you deserve, mi querida amiga, that I am bursting with a commotion of happiness!

    And I am not alone, Elf is dancing and singing an aria from the Opera "I Vespri Siciliani" called 'Dilette Amice' (Queridos amigos) because he think it is adequate for the occasion!

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this huge joy with all of us!!

  2. @Tony, mi amigo, it's always a very wonderful feeling getting very kind words from you. I'm truly inspired. Let Elf dance, let him rejoice. He deserves it! I know he's very happy knowing that now I'm mentioning him in my blog.

    Thanks a lot, Od, for everything! :)

  3. It's amazing how you share all your feelings with us and it's only obvious that your love will be positively reverted :)
    Congratulations on being featured by Bloggers :)

  4. Congratulation!
    Happy and Busy bee- You
    deserve the day, yes! :)

  5. @Hairyman, I love to share small or big things in my life with others. It makes me a complete person when others are happy too. I want you to know that you are now my bloggers "family". Thanks for everything, Harish! :)

    @Moon, thanks a lot. All of us deserve the day. Thanks so much for getting along fine with me and for everything! You're indeed a friend. :)

  6. Hey Balqis, sorry a little late to congrat you for being a featured blogger. Really happy for you and you deserved it with your work.

    Good that you've such a wonderful weekends and I hope more to come for you :)

  7. @Soo, it's better late than never! I was waiting for you. LOL

    Thanks a lot, Soo. I feel wonderful being congratulated by many nice people like you.
    Yeah! always looking forward for many more to come. :)

  8. I love how you are so expressive with your words! They are so amusing and we can all relate to them in some way or another. Also, congrats, congrats and CONGRATS!! My oh my, haven't you been a super-achiever lately! :D BTW, you'd have to 'hop' to your nearest post office in ten days or so! ;) xo

  9. @yileen, if that's the word, I'll gladly accept and especially from you, my future scientist. I'm truly honored!

    Whoaa! I'll surely try to hop like a kangaroo. Thanks so much! :) You're awesome!