Dec 25, 2010

Haiku - In These, I Walk

Beauty and strength merge,
Small steps that lead to thousands,
Face life's realities.

Like sparkling diamonds,
Comfort prevails, safe and sound,
In journey of life.

Just a thought of,
On silent night.


  1. The base is the place where everything stand!
    From there you start up to heaven.
    Then comes life... and comfort is consequential in our trip to eternity!

    You see, it took some words to say the same you did in so few!

    Amazing work! Haiku still evades me!!

    Happy Seasons anyway! :)

  2. Bravo- your words visualize a tons of things! Cheers to the Silent Night (of course the writer included)! ;)

  3. @Tony, that's what it is. You have given me another cool version of it. It's really nice. Thanks a lot! :)

    @Moon, I'm glad that you said that. Sometimes, a piece of Haiku/poem seems simple but readers can define it in many ways. Nice comments. Thanks so much! :)

  4. My slip on sandals had worked so hard this Christmas. I had to hopped from one mall to another to compare prices before buying my Christmas presents. :)


  5. @Jolly Princess, indeed it's a tough decision in comparing prices and the quality of the sandals. I'm always looking for something worth buying or money for value. Thanks for dropping by. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :)

  6. @reanaclaire, thanks! Wishing you Merry Christmas! :)

    @janeofwisconsin, thanks for yr kind words. Keep coming! :)

  7. ah the ever powerful haiku. I think no form of poetry can be as deep and powerful as this one.

    Excellent work balqis.
    "Small steps that lead to thousands"
    I'm gonna tweet this :)

  8. @Hairyman, my dear brother, it's so nice of you to tweet it. You're promoting it! Thanks a lot. You make me feel great!:)