Dec 18, 2010

Haiku - Colors Of Life


Rays of warm yellow,
Upholds royal dignity,
Melts the cold stone heart.


Doubts provoke the truths,
Incitement of envious green,
Attempt to get by.


Solemness in reign,
Pitch black a so lifeless night,
A spell uncalled for.


Soft blue captivates,
Blossoms with lush in the heart,
Signifies true love.


Red illuminates warmth,
Spirits of courage and valor,
Dashing through ages.

Captivated by colors.
Friday Night

*Literally speaking, we go through many colors of life. Each one has its own meaning.
This Haiku is specially dedicated to my beloved family and my beloved friends who always
give so much inspirations in literary works for me to keep going. I am also inspired by their
great arts in literature. My buddies, Moonomo and Odliam of US, Harish of India, Stephanie of Philippines and Krislin of Singapore,  this is my humble dedication to all of you but it comes right from my heart. Thank you for being my friends.


  1. whew for the first time I am the first read the the first to comment.. ( i guess hehe)And to top it all I have my name on it..
    I'm so touched thanks a lot. I like number for the most.. they are all good but as hopeless romantic as I am.. I will for sure chose the haiku that best describes me..


  2. Brilliant colour representation you've produced! I'm sure you're an inspiration to some others. *cough* like me *cough*

    My attempts to write some haiku have been negative thus far. Guess I'm too much of a lengthy person for a haiku!

  3. Beautiful Balqis!!
    "Solemness in reign,
    Pitch black a so lifeless night,
    A spell uncalled for."
    This one is SO my favourite!!!

  4. @Stephaine, thanks! The choice is yours to choose what suits you best. :)

    @Moon, my loyal subject, you make Her Highness happy as always! :)

    @LiLing, actually I'm hoping to see some Haiku in your blog. Give it a BIG shot! I'll be there for you. Thanks, LiLing. :)

    @Harish, my dear brother, thank you for picking your favourite. By all means, you can keep it. Visited yr blog. Thought that there's another surprise, as you always do, furthermore your poetic mind never to fail to amaze me. I'll wait till your last paper. My prayers are for your successes. :)

  5. Dear B.

    I am amazed at you skill to show the love for your family!

    It is a wonder how you can steer colors to display the deep feeling in your heart!

    And add to all that the difficulties that haiku has as poetry!

    Congratulations my friend! I am so happy to see your wonderful attitude to express beauty!

    "Oddie cannot say how much you filled my goomp (we imps have no heart but goomps) of love and happiness Mrs. B. If I could reach the state where I could love a human being it would be you who I would choose, and I am very close to it. You are a magnificent writer! thank you for being!!" Signed: Elf.

  6. @Tony, I think of all the good things in life and try to express 'em in a way that carries some beauty. Makes it more meaningful. I'm blessed to have a family who's supportive all along and blessed too having some bloggers friends like you who give much inspirations in blogging. I am overwhelmed with happiness knowing you guys as "real" people. :)

    @my adorable Elf, you know how much it means upon hearing what you say? I want to hug you right now! If I could love my cats unconditionally, surely I could love you too! Let there be no barrier between our different worlds. You're just another being (though not human). Another creation of God. Love you, Elf!

  7. @IEPOV, welcome back! Thought you were bz climbing Mt Kinabalu and "bertapa" there. LOL

    I'm so happy to see you again. It's been ages since you were here.

    White? Hmmm...didn't mention all colors. Anyway, I feel I'm being challenged by a guy from Land Below The Winds. The lady from Land Of The Hornbills will never give up. Here's the answer :

    As white as cotton,
    Spotless portrays purity,
    That's the desire.

    Macam balas pantun, kan Ekkem? Hope you like it. :)

  8. I saw your msg and comment left.. my dear sis.. Thank you so much for this dedication.. :)
    You are one whom I knew that I will never be forgotten.. :)
    I love all that you had expressed and especially love the blue and red best.. :)
    Hadn't been moving around much in the cyber world.. kind of building and finding myself in my blog before unleashing the joy and smile to all, especially you.. :)
    I am so happy and touched to tell you that I am ready now.. Yeah, although still weak but I am embracing the good part of everything including my still yet recovered injury.. :)
    Oh yes, yeah, so you know I have another language besides my native language.. Yeah, I will keep it going.. It was really great, knowing you could relate to what I had written.. :) :) See you around, yeah?
    P.S = I will be replying your comment left in my blog directly here on yours.. That way, it keeps me coming here even for no reasons.. Hahahha.. :P
    Love you, my dear sis,
    Krislin (S.Pike)

  9. @Krislin, my dear sis, you're making me so happy now! You add another happiness which I also get from the rest since this post appeared. How could I forget you? We were newcomers to bloggers way back about 4 months ago. You were among my very first friends and ended up as my sister. We share so much!

    What other good news brings big smile to me ? It's non other than your well-being. I'm happy to hear that you're recovering. I wish so much to be by your side in times when you need a friend/sister. I'd love to be there, caring and giving inspirations for you to move on.

    My dear Krislin, I'm always looking forward for your visit. Make yourself comfortable here. It's a cosy place for you. Keep coming!