Dec 31, 2010

Moments Of Triumphs

First and foremost, it's my own 'victory'.  As mentioned in my older post "A Month Of Bountiful Blessings", I got good news from Australia. This is the day I have been waiting for and this afternoon, I went to the post office to collect my parcel from my friend Delirious Jellybean. I am so happy to receive it. Furthermore, the gift makes its way into my blogging History as the first gift ever from a fellow blogger.

Got the email on 18.12.2010 from Yileen  who goes by the nick Delirious Jellybean telling me that I was  Radhika's Story WINNER (that's how the heading of the email was.)  Let me mention a little bit on how I become the winner. I was at her blog one day and read her post on the give-away. She wanted participants to comment on human trafficking. Without hesitation, I tried my luck by responding and giving some comments and summed it up by saying I condemn human trafficking as immoral. It came as a surprise when she told me that I was the winner! Imagine how happy I was! Furthermore, I'm adding another great story to my collections of books. Thank you, Yileen, it means so much to me!

Recalling how I met Yileen, it was her who "caught" me while blog hopping. She wrote on my wall telling me that she was happy meeting another fellow Malaysian on blogsphere. Since then, we are friends. Currently, she is a PhD candidate studying Genetic Engineering in the field of  Plant Science at the Australian National University. She's going to be a scientist. Perhaps, you would like to check out her blog at

The book wrapped in red and a note from Yileen.

Also enclosed, a beautiful postcard.

This is the book , front and back (below).

Another happy news  is Malaysia's national football team victory over Indonesia in  the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on  29.12.2010.  I didn't watch it on big screen in town but watching at home made no difference because I was so restless like a centipede with athlete's foot! Just couldn't keep still because every minute was thrilling and I shouted in joy when our team scored a goal. Today, the victory make headlines in all the papers throughout my country. And to add another joy, our Prime Minister declared Friday a holiday to celebrate my country's first ever victory in the championship. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister!

Well, those are the triumphs I am sharing with all of you.
 As 2010 is coming to an end, I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2011!


  1. You lead a very interesting life, do you know that?

  2. @Hairyman, my dear Harish, it seems to be interesting but you don't know the realities. My life isn't a bed of roses. However, I'm very thankful cos at the time sadness creeps in, happiness quickly pulls me up and gets me out of it. This is an example of such happiness. Appreciate your kind words, in a way it touches me. Thank you for being here and share the joy with me. :)

  3. I came here as soon as I got your post on Bloggers! :D Thank you so much for the mention *HUGSSSS!!!!* I'm so glad the book arrived safely, although the card was a little damaged from the travelling :(

    HAPPY SUZUKI CUP HOLIDAY AND NEW YEARS, Balqis!! May 2011 be a bigger and better year for you and your love ones! xo :D

  4. wow! I stared at the package! ;)

    There was a talk on Bloggers- we were talking about giveaway- I told I never joined- someone else was telling she joins but never get one! And ya made it!

    Congrats for being the winner and congrats for having (read sharing) so much fun (along with us!). :P

  5. Congratulations Balqis! :D I read your comment on delirious jellybean and I was so impressed! (a reason why I didn't submit my comment as I was trying to prefect my words until I realized I've missed out the dateline. LOL!)

    Happy New Year! :))

  6. In a strange situation, never seen before (and this is endorsed by Elf who says that never happens unless I have an argument with him):

    I am speechless!!!

    I want to congratulate you for all your victories, I want to tell you how happy we are (Elf an me, or cors) :) I want to congrats Yileen for her great idea, I want to congrats your country, I want to congrats your Prime Minister, I want to congrats life for giving this opportunity, I want to...

    But I am speechless by happiness!!! :)

  7. @Yileen, you deserve the mention. You're such a very nice person whom I'm very proud to have as a friend. Thanks again for the gift which I can also consider as New Year's gift, too. Wishing you a very successful and happy 2011!

    @my dear Moon, you're among those who are very supportive. I'm sending you barrels of thanks! You always make my day. :)

    @LiLing, you too, dear, making me float on cloud 9. You should have submitted yr comments. Who knows, you could have been the winner. Thanks for being here. :)

    @Od and beloved Elf, thank you both for making yr way here.

    Specially for Elf,
    A BIG BIG hug! You're going to make me speechless too cos you shower me with lots of congrats. Thank you so much. You make me the happiest person on earth today! *HUGS*

    Take care of Elf, Od! :)

  8. WOW Balqis I was just looking at the package and that's it friendship can really be found and built in different ways...Sometimes when you least expect it just happens...Me too I have found friends here and you are one of them...Happy New Year...

  9. @Sie, yes indeed! You're among the nicest persons that I know. Happy New Year to you too! :)

  10. wow ! congrats Balqis :)
    I'm happy for you sweetie :D

  11. Dear Balqis,

    I feel for the happiness you have for having such recognition of your "candid" thoughts on Yileen's blog. Congratulations! What a remarkable surprise to start the year!

  12. @Dai, thank you for feeling so. Yup, it's a good start for 2011. :)

  13. wow ! thats really great Balqis... Congratulations ! :)

  14. @jyotsna, thanks for yr nice compliments.:)

    @Kitty, thank you. You make my day! :)