Dec 22, 2010

If Love's A War

Love is like war : Easy to begin but hard to end.
                                                           - Anonymous   
Balqis's personal views :

LOVE, a small word but carries thousands' meanings. When in love, everything is beautiful and the feeling is so wonderful beyond description. Love defies all barriers. Come what may, be it crossing the sea of evil, climbing the mountain of thorns, walking the road of dangers or trekking the jungle of obstacles, a madly in love couple could endure all.

Like a story; love has its beginning, rising climax, climax and anti-climax.  Initially, love is always at its best. It grows and blooms beautifully. Everything is at its extreme feel-good.  At most times, the couple are lost in the world of their own. But along the way, some unforeseen circumstances might occur. It affects the warm glow of love to become dim .... slowly. And certain things start to crack.

I ever said : Be it the fire of separation nor the evil of temptation will ever separate us.

Now, I am wondering how could I ever come up with such a very powerful statement? The answer lies in the heart sizzling with love.

Enough, I'm not going to elaborate more on this.

Let me ask you :
How do you define love?

*My current favourite song, "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. I am captivated by the beautiful lyrics that talk about love, admiration and beauty of a beloved person. 

When I see your face
There's not a thing I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Because gal ( I'd change this to "guy", sorry Bruno)
You're amazing
Just the way you are


  1. Love is blind, Love is all. People are willing to do anything for their loved ones.

    My guess is someone's in love? :D Love is such a powerful thing that it sweeps off your feet and pulls you down into darkness where you see no one else, just the two of you. Well, that's for couple in love, not exactly love for family and friends.

    Anyway, it seems like forever since I promised you to try a haiku and I came out with one yesterday. Not sure if it works this way.

    My life was once
    Nothing great but beautiful
    Until I met you

  2. @LiLing, appreciate so much your definition of love. Thanks! Someone's in love? No comment (a typical Malaysian answer to be safe) LOL

    Yeah, that's Haiku, keep to 5-7-5 concept (the syllables). Nice one. Keep it going! Write some for your blog. :)

  3. Love can only be felt ; a beautiful feeling..
    hmm...seems, Love is in the air !!? :D

  4. @jyotsna, that's really a beautiful definition. Thanks. make me laugh! (for the second sentence.)

  5. Love is... hmmm ... scratching head...
    Love is like a box of chocolate when the sweet feeling is still there.
    Love is like a sharp blade when you're wounded badly by it.
    Love is like a cup of hot tea when you feel so cold.
    Love is born at the Christmas day!

  6. @Soo, thanks! You are so expressive. I like all your definitions. It's not necessary to scratch your head! LOL

  7. Beautiful!

    Full of that spice we call Romanticism!

    I can understand all your and other people definitions and sense of love and maybe I may add to the concoction:

    A pinch of farewell!
    A mite of forlorn feeling!
    A drop of desperation!
    A pint of hope!
    A full spoon of an indefinable feeling that hurt and warm the soul as the kiss of a dove and the thorn of a rose!

  8. @Tony, that's soooo COOL! A recipe of love. If we bake it, will turn out to be a big LOVELY cake of LOVE. Thanks a lot! I'm full of smiles now.

  9. love is a is is not something that you can actually makes its victim suffer from it...but 'true love'....thats a different thing :D

  10. @Ekkem, yes, you're right! There's the silliness and danger of it. It's like , don't play with fire, it's dangerous. Is it "monkey love"? LOL

    Yeah, true love is definitely different from other kinds of love. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Reminds me a "Talk" we had few weeks back on Bloggers. :)

    Here once again:

    Love, you do you give you earn
    Love is life, what death learn

    Love get lost, lost get found
    It gives silence and the sound

    (never mind, it's just dust of love! lol)

  12. @Moon, yeah, give and take is the bottom line. You really have cool definitions. I like it! :)

  13. Love, for me, has become a life support system.
    This was a really great exposure into the feeling... this tool called 'love'.
    The best part is it can be defined uniquely by different individuals... There is no one single definition :)

  14. @Hairyman, yes, exactly! We can always look at it from different angles. It's indeed a life support to get you going. Thanks for your definitions. :)