Nov 13, 2010

Windows To The Heart

                                          ( 1 )
                           Crystal clear brown eyes, 
                   Windows to the inner self,
                      Reflect one's beauty.

                             ( 2 )              
                             See you as you are,
           Much strengths capture little heart,
                     Embrace everything.

                              ( 3 )
                              Captivating eyes,
            Develop thousand meanings,
                        Bind mutuality.

                        From the eyesight of,

                      At the wee hours of Saturday
                      Little roars of thunder above

*Another Haiku?
I never restrict myself on letting the words flow
and expressing freely what's on my mind.

Not expecting perfection for it's an endless wait.
My weaknesses in your tender care.

Image from yahoo.


  1. Another great write.. Inspiring.. Expressed every details within eyes.. :)
    My dear sis.. still remember me? Hope you do.. ;)
    I have yet recovered fully but yeah, at least there is finally signs of improvement.. :)

  2. @Krislin, I'm so happy to see you again! How could I forget you?

    Thanks for your comments.

    Get well soon! :)

  3. Good read, once again. "Bind mutuality"... Keep it going please. :)

  4. brilliant, I must say... I really enjoy reading Haiku :)

  5. @Moon, thanks a lot. Yup, "Bind mutuality" as the bottom line. Keep coming! :)

    @Hairyman, thanks a lot. Glad you like it. Looking forward to seeing you more here. :)

  6. nice blog, and great work!

  7. @wlagodoy, thanks so much for your compliment and follow. Keep coming! :)

  8. I love them all!
    but I love the first one better hehe!
    it's like talking about me hehe!

    yeah I'll kiss Dk for you hehe! thanks a lot

  9. @Steph, thanks so much. DK? tell me in pvt msg. :)

  10. @Steph, oh ya! We Asians have brown eyes. Couldn't get the correct image.

  11. hi there. I wish I can have time to count in my fingers the syllables. most of the time I dont even get the correct number. I developed my own style I think you already did saw it!

    Yeah I do feel it just that It's a bit hard to maintain a blog in word press haha" the one I gave you earlier, and the one I'm using to sign here" and in blogger, though I love blogger better it keeps me closer to my readers hehe!

  12. @Ellah, thanks a lot for being here and girl! it's so nice to see you among my followers.

    I'm a newbie to Haiku. Just trying to write simple one. You can try too. :)

  13. @balqis yes I tried to write some just that I don't seem to get satisfied with what I write...
    I write poems 'free verse"...
    I guess you may say I'm a bit lazy for the sonnet, and haiku rules hehe!
    But I will try.. But still It's really hard to stick to the real rule of haiku, these days it's not about nature anymore.
    for now I'll be satisfied with just a reader hahaha!

  14. @Ellah, yup that's right, Haiku isn't for nature only. What I learnt long time ago was about nature but it's really hard to stick to that.

    You gotta try! :)

  15. @Zaenal, yeah...unfortunately aren't mine! :)

  16. Beautiful Balqis. Now I really have to step my Haiku up. Great job.

  17. @YGND, thanks a bunch! Looking forward to reading your Haiku. :)

  18. Nice try Balqis ! btw, In the pic eyes are not brown, its hazel ! though beautiful ! :)

  19. @jyotsna, lol...part of it is brown. My eyes are brown...if I wrote hazel,my haiku has an extra syllable. It must have the 5-7-5 concept.

    Thanks for pointing out. I've to be a little bit colour blind here! The pic's used to grace the post. :)