Nov 20, 2010

Anecdotes - That Spice Up My Life

Certain things happen in our lives which can make us laugh. I am sharing the real situations of  how I feel life is indeed interesting and always full of surprises.

#1. Last week, I went to a boutique looking for a dress. Picked one and tried it in the fitting room. While putting it on, heard a voice calling right outside the fitting room, "Anybody home?"

Another lady was waiting her turn to try the dress of her choice.

#2. Overheard a conversation among four boys.
       Boy A :  When you grow up, what car do you want to drive?
       Boy B :   Alza
       Boy C :   Any Proton car will do.
       Boy A :   I want an expensive car cos my dad has lots of money.
       Boy D :   Oh well, I'd buy any car as long as I can drive it to work.

Remember when we were children, we had fancies and we did not know how much the value of money was. Thinking about it now would bring back smiles!

#3.  Talking to two-year-old Syasya is always fun. She's so bubbly. Sometimes, she gives surprising  answers!

        Syasya  :  Fiss, fiss!
        Mama   :  What is it?
        Syasya  :  (pointing to an aquarium) Fiss.
        Mama   :   Fish, baby.
        Syasya  :   Fissssss!
        Mama   :   Oh ok, you're right!

        Another situation.

        Mama  :   Where do you want to go this evening?
        Syasya :  To paygound (playground)
        Mama  :   Where else?
        Syasya :   To moi  (mall)
        Mama  :   What do you want to buy at the mall?
        Syasya :   Colate  (chocolate)
        Mama  :   What if we don't have the money?
        Syasya :   Go bank!
        Mama  :   Clever girl!

That's how a two-year-old talks. Her words are still missing some syllables.

#4.  My three nieces are models-to-be! The trio have good taste in  dressing up and keep on saying that they want to become models. So, I asked them how models pose, here they are!

9-year-old Melissa.

Models for the car make!
Nana and Rabiatul in baju kurung (traditional costume).

 #4. I always feel blessed meeting new friends who are not only friendly and nice but hilarious! Got to know some bloggers'  friends who always make my day with all their jokes. It's so much fun being at bloggers "watching" them fight with words. I am referring to a duo (you know who you are) who are so witty in replying to each other and never want to give in, not for a minute! Sometimes, I feel I am like a referee standing at one corner, having a hard time to decide who's the winner of the fight!

And, there's this young magistrate who is so hilarious. Yesterday, after a gathering, I was saying , "See you again!" to him. Lo! what was his answer, "Ok, See you court!" Hey...I am not attending any court cases but that's a magistrate's way of answering to show the position he is in!  Don't sue me for that!

Hey, what are you up to, Mr Magistrate? Wrapping up a live friend to be a mummy?
(This pic was taken during our annual dinner recently. Apart from eating, we had games.)

I guess there are many more surprises in store, just for anyone of us, as we live through.


  1. I love the kids in their traditional costume..
    I'm imagining dk now... days will pass so quick and soon enough he will be just on their age...

  2. @Stephaine, Every kid is cute to me. Oh yes! you won't feel how time flies in bringing up DK. All the best!

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. haha the 2 year old's pronunciations are just too funny and cute!

  4. I love the Fisss and Colate! :)

    That magistrate looks known to me- heck! Hahahaha

  5. @Hairyman, lol...sometimes I talk like a two-year-old too. Thanks for being here.

    @Moonomo, hehehehe- heck!

  6. When my nieces and nephew were that ages I love to have funny conversations with them. We would even laugh at their funny photos. :)

  7. @Princess, yes...sometimes whatever they say can make us laugh. Thanks for your visit. :)

  8. Your nieces are delicious! Kids are so magical. Syasya .. what a bright little one! You must be very proud of them :)

  9. @Aggie, Welcome to my blog! "Selamat Datang" that's what Malaysian welcoming words are. :)

    Kids always make mothers proud no matter how mischevious they are.

    Thanks a lot for being here. You make my day! :)

  10. cute lovely kids ! :)..Is syasya your daughter Balqis? looks beautiful in that color :) traditional costume? I enjoyed my time here.. thanks for sharing Balqis :)

  11. @jyotsna, yeah...that's my little Syasya. No problem, I'd love to share my part of life with you all. Thanks, jyotsna. :)

  12. Nana and Rabiatul are adorable!! And I had a good laugh at Syasya and her conversational skills. Makes me wanna go make kids!

  13. @yileen, yeah! it's high time for you!

    Thanks a lot for laughing along. :)

  14. Kids are so annoyingly adorable! I worked in a kindergarten during my post SPM and STPM breaks and some kids are really just so evil! The nice ones are really nice though. Depends how their parents teach them I guess. Since now the teachers/babysitters aren't allowed to discipline them.

    It's always fun to have kids around nonetheless! :D

  15. @LiLing, yes, kids will always be kids like what we used to be! :)

    Thanks for your thought and visit. :)

  16. Kids are so cute with their own language. The pictures of kids are all adorable.

  17. Thank you for the warm welcome honey :)

  18. @YGND, thanks, yeah, they are! :)

    @Aggie, you're welcome! :)