Nov 25, 2010

A Captivating Calmness

Calmness of vast blue
As far as the eyes can see
A priceless treasure.

Under spreading leaves
Mind distresses anxieties
Calmness enveloping.

Absolute safety
My heart yearns in this calmness
Soothed by slow tick clock.

Great creations appreciation.

*All photos were personally taken by me at Tanjung Batu Beach
 and at Tanjung Kidurong highway, Bintulu.


  1. First one is the best and so true! Ocean, the blue treasure!

    Is those describes your home/around? Aowoo!

  2. @Moonomo, thanks. I love nature!

    Yes, what I wrote described the place I stay.

  3. Such a beauty!!

    Yes, gal! I see you through this beautiful places...

    You are so good at haiku! Wonderful!

  4. @Untony, thanks for your sweet compliments.

    I love my town for its beauty. :)

  5. whew! the place is so great.. hehe
    and the haikus are so real.. there is calmness in the ocean.

  6. @Aggie, this is part of my town, Bintulu, Sarawak on Borneo island. Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. We are on the east side. Another part of Malaysia is Peninsular Malaysia.

    Thanks for coming. Your presence is very much appreciated. You make my day! :)

    @Stephanie, thanks a lot for making my day with your presence and comments. Keep coming! :)

  7. I believed I want to be in this kind of place. Just sitting and doing nothing absorbing the beauty of the place. Such a relaxing place. :)

  8. Wow this is so beautiful. I actually wanna come there now!
    I'm assuming you clicked the pics?

  9. @JollyPrincess, yeah, it's a place for relaxing. Thanks so much, Princess.

    @Hairyman, the first two pics are the places I used to go since childhood. It's a picnic ground. Yeah, why not, come here straight away!

    Clicked the pics such as took the pics with my camera? Yes, I did. :)

    Thanks for your support by visiting my blog.

  10. Beautifully written. :) I learnt about haiku not long ago and I see it's quite interesting.

  11. @LiLing, thank you!

    Please, write some in your blog. Would love to read them. :)

  12. Honored posting comment to such a fine piece of Art! Words coupled with photos makes this blog breathtaking! Thanks making this available for all Balqis!~Cal

  13. @Denver, thanks for your compliments. You make my day! :)

  14. sooooooo natural and peaceful.

  15. I have never seen such a beauty..thanks for sharing..

  16. @Anonymous, yeah it is. A perfect place for relaxation. Thanks for your visit. :)

    @sanjay, it's here meant to be shared. Glad that you like it. Thanks for being here. :)

  17. What country is this? is very beautiful. muito bonito.

  18. is malaysia? is similar to the beaches we have here in Brazil!

  19. @Wladimir, yes, it's Malaysia. There are many other beautiful beaches apart from this.

    Thanks. Muito bonito, indeed! :)

  20. Hello! Very cool photos.

    "May your time on life be sweet like honey"

    Thank you add me.

  21. @Isha, thank you!

    Wishing you the same thing. May it comes true!

    You're welcome. :)

  22. @Nice, thank you!

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for following. :)

  23. Balqis I need you to step away from the pc and cease all Haiku activities. lol These are beautiful. I swear I read the first one and felt instantly relaxed. Beautiful:)

  24. @YGND, LOL...when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! That describes me in Haiku writing. Slowly spreading my wings.

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation. :)

  25. Hello Balqis.It was such a peaceful sight.I also love to be on a calm place once in a while just be alone and ponder on things happening in my life now.Love those shots my friend.

  26. @SimpleSie, it's a pleasure indeed when friends visit. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the sights and get rid of what's bugging your mind.

    I'm wishing you better days ahead. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  27. First photo is quite captivating. I was lost in my thoughts.

    Good photo haiku as well!

  28. Thanks a lot, sixthirtythree. :)