Nov 22, 2010

Letting Out The Little Beast

 Mood swings settle in...

Feel like stomping my feet
as loud as the elephant's stomp.
Feel like shouting more louder
than Tarzan's voice across the mile.
Feel like strangling....who???....till
the tongue hangs out low! Grrrrrrrrrr!

My head's on fire
My eyes sparkle red with fury
My breath warmer than boiling water
Dare to come near me
Your skin will burn, not to ashes
But just hideous like cooked lobster
Which can satisfy my anger pang.

Why?...why?? Why did it happen?
Irritation takes its toll
Frustration follows lead
Erratic thoughts on the run
Expectation running high
Emotions raging wild.


This is madness....pure madness
That has brought in the chaos
Causing havoc here and there
Running down everything in the way
Sparing nothing, nothing at all
All - victims of destructions.








And now....

A Triumph!
A Victory!
A Battle Won!
A Jubilation!


Congratulations to myself!

Emotional expressions,                  
Warm Sunday afternoon,
Something bugs me.


  1. Excellent! There is no other word to express the beauty of your work.

    It is not important how we reach a special mood, life is complex enough to help us find good and bad situations, what is really important is the ability to "see" our inner spirit and be able to describe those intricate folds so brilliantly!


  2. I can totally relate to this work! Excellent stuff.

  3. Ah- Let the beast out! Even picture suits well. I love the compositions:

    And now....

    A Triumph!
    A Victory!
    A Battle Won!
    A Jubilation!



  4. Congrats! You won over such emotional stress!:)

  5. @Steph @Tony @hairyman @Moon @JP and @jyotsna, thanks a lot for your appreciations and support. It means the whole world to me.

    As the saying goes, "Strike while the iron is hot." I had done it and now beaming with delight!

    Appreciate so much your visits here. :)

  6. I'm glad you were able to let the beast out. Now can you let Balqis back in :)

  7. @YGND, thanks for your comforting words. :)

  8. Very cool designs are fun and expressive.

    I loved it, follow you happy.


  9. @Isha, welcome to my blog!

    Thanks for your compliments and follow.

    I'm happy, too. :)


  10. I feel ya, sunshine. If you're not feeling better yet (and I hope you are) then hang in there. Things always feel better in the morning. Or after a bourbon. Yep, bourbon helps too .. so does strangling small chickens, come to think of it ..... no, let's not think of it. No matter how maniacal we feel the chickens must be protected.

  11. @girorbital, LOL that was on Sunday. Today is Wednesday, so it had subsided. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  12. LOL!! Well thank god for that! All sorted. Moving on to my next mission ;)

  13. I kept returning to read this post of yours because out of all you had posted, this expressed exactly one of the many stages where my feelings are going through.. Yeah, you knew why, right, sis?
    I have been coming quietly and going because I knew not what to say but to read quietly, visiting you in silence, one storm after another, and yeah, I am hanging in there.. Whatever it is, sis, even if I left no words, you can be sure my presence are always around for you are a wonderful sis whom I am able to connect with.. :) *HUG*

  14. @Krislin, you are very welcome here and pls visit me at any time. The more the better!

    I'm sharing what's bottling up in me. If anything you can relate to, just shake it loose!