Nov 8, 2010

The Promised Happiness That Never Was

Sara looked far into the darkness of the night. The owl was hooting somewhere among the trees that looked grotesque and eerie.  It was so painstakingly calling out for the moon to brighten the darkness but in vain, the moon seemed to be comfortable hiding behind the dark clouds.

It would be dead silence if not for the hooting owl and crickets that intermingled and produced some kind of solemn music. Sara's mind was in turmoil. Her eyes were swollen as if she had cried tears of blood. Who would understand that big pain in her heart? Who would be able to remove the burden of the heavy stone on her shoulders? It was so unbearable, but she must carry it.

She had never regretted coming this far and facing the bitterness of life. A big lesson to be learned, if it had to be so. Sara being so naive would easily put the blame on herself though she did not deserve it. Helpless as she was, it was beyond her mean to learn what were in store for her. She was a cheerful and chirpy type of person who just loved the company of friends or just anyone. But tonight, all the cheerfulness and chirpiness had gone into the cold dark night; she felt everything had turned stone-cold. She was grief-stricken, not because of losing anyone she loved but for what was beyond her expectation. With a deep sigh of sadness, her mind wandered back to what had happened earlier......

The music from the radio was at full blast. She had wanted to switch it off  but no! she was not in any position of having the right to do so, even if it was right in her home. Aidil looked furious, his anger knew no bounds. A petty matter to Sara but everything boiled up.....and he avenged on anything he could get hold of not sparing the radio to full blast. Their son, poor innocent little boy, was the cause of it all. A little bit mischievous and accidentally, he had broken an expensive antique jar in the living room. And the blame was on Sara for not taking good care of their son. Not keeping him under her watchful eyes every minute of the hour and  not disciplining him to be a good boy.

"You brainless woman!," shouted Aidil in fury. Sara was startled. Brainless? Was I born brainless? She was thinking quickly as she felt the sharp pierce of the words into her eardrums.

She fought back and said, "How dare you say that! My parents brought me into this world with brain!"

Voices full of rage could be heard in the house. Her son was crying and Sara was holding him tight in her arms and she was in tears too which were uncontrollable tears like torrents of rain.

"I regret marrying you for you don't even know your responsibilities as a wife and mother!" shouted Aidil.

That was too much for Sara. She could not stand it any longer. She cried out, "Who in the first place wooed me? There were so many other guys who had wanted to befriend me but you!.. you were chasing after me like .......". She could not say it....she choked because the word she wanted to say was  really a bad word. She could not say it in front of her son.

"We are tied with the holy words and promises of matrimony. How could you say this to me?" cried Sara.

Aidil got up, took the car key and stormed out of the house. A loud roar of engine could be heard outside followed by the screeching sounds of tyres. Aidil sped off like a wind.

Sara broke down in tears again. She felt as if her heart was stabbed with a dagger. She felt every muscle of her body had limped and she was too fragile to get up. Her son had stopped crying. He seemed to understand the pain his mother faced and did not want to hurt her more with his cry.

This was not the first time Aidil badly treated her. So many countless times over other matters which could have been solved peacefully. A hard-headed and quick-tempered Aidil would not take it. He felt that he was right in everything.

The incident had left Sara in pain. She sighed again....She had called her mother and asked her advice.

"Come back to me, baby. If he said that, it means he doesn't want you anymore. Come back here." said her mother.

Now, she still looked into the darkness of the night and haven't decided on what to do.

**Just a wandering mind of Balqis. The story was written for the sake of writing and does not reflect me in any way or any situation.

A rainy Monday night.

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  1. I am perfectly happy to be proven right!

    There is a strong trait of a writer in you, Balqis! This is beautiful, stark story. Full of the human pathos and feelings that takes upon the reader from the beginning.


    Please, do not stop! Keep giving health to your creativeness!

  2. @Od, thanks a lot. I'm refreshing for something which I didn't do for a long time. It's just keeping my fingers busy on the keyboard. Thanks again for your sweet comments. It inspires me more. :)

  3. oh gosh how nice to know you!!!
    as I was reading it I thought I'm reading a piece from a novel of Daniel steal "not Sydney I don't like her that much hahaha kidding" and you wrote it....
    gosh so proud to be your friend... hope there is a part 2 of this...

    cant wait for that... really really good... that is every girls story in one way or another... I bet on that... not the exact scene but some how we have been there...

  4. @Steph, thanks a lot!
    Let's see whether the story will go in sequels. :)

  5. Just WOW! I love reading and to read this was amazing!! I was taken into another place. Great job, Balqis. Please keep it coming!

  6. @Arabia, thanks! I'm just trying my hand on it. :)

  7. Perfect! From starting to end. What will happen next? It tightly binding the mind of the reader. Well done!

    You should keep it rolling, keep your creative juice melting the readers. ;)

  8. @Moon, thanks a lot! Really feeling great knowing you for you never fail to inspire me! :) :)

  9. Balqis please don't leave me hanging. I must know what happens next.

  10. @YGND, LOL...hopefully but no promise though, will try! :)

  11. wonderful story, your characters are very easy to connect to .. all of them! That's usually a sign of a great writer.

  12. @Aggie, thanks for your compliment! :)