Nov 29, 2010

A Month Of Bountiful Blessings

It's the end of November. Many things have been going on in my life. Good and bad; but I'll just put aside the bad ones, which were mentioned in some of my posts. Today I am going to highlight the blessings I get throughout the month. As I used to say, I am counting my blessings, so let it be kept like priceless treasure and fold nicely in one part of my life. They all have a special place in my heart.

My blessings at random :

1. I am very proud of my nieces achievements this year. They are in primary schools and excel well in their studies. Two of my nieces, both 12 years old, sat for their Year 6 UPSR Examination and achieved good grades in all the 5 subjects. To Nur Syaheerah and Nur Samhana, heartiest congratulations, you made your parents proud and made me proud too. Both of them got 4 straight As, in Bahasa Malaysia Paper 1, Bahasa Malaysia Paper 2, English and Mathematics and 1B each for Science. Next year, they will go to secondary school. For those outside Malaysia, I would like you to know that Mathematics and Science are taught in English. Actually, in primary school, pupils learn 11 subjects altogether but for the Year 6 UPSR, only 5 papers are assessed in their public examination. They are the core subjects only.

Other than these two, my other nieces and nephews have their fair share of doing well in school.

Nur Samhana
Nur Syaheerah
Izzet, 6 years old, on his 'graduation' day at his kindergarten.

Nur Farhana, among the best achievers in her school.
(She's wearing her school uniform.)
2. My circle of friends grows as each day passes by. I am getting connected with bloggers friends from other parts of the world. I feel life's so wonderful being able to share so much thoughts, stories, cultures, talks and so on and all these enrich my life. Apart from that, meeting online friends always brings joy to me when I am able to catch up on some chats and jokes which always bring big smile to my face. Goofing around is fun. There's always a little child inside us even if we are grown-ups.

Bracelets from Manchester.

3. These are the gifts from my sister and brother-in-law in Manchester. They are the thoughtful couple who always think of us here. It's not only bracelets, whenever they are back here, we are always pampered with chocolates of various flavours and also perfume for everyone.

I love accessories but not too bold. The latest trend is oversize accessories but I am not into it. To me, less is more. I appreciate the bracelets and wear them for formal functions only.

Regarding my brother-in-law, we are from different cultures but he is able to cope with us whenever he is here.  Of course, he faces the communication barrier with my mom who does not speak English. That is a situation what we call as a conversation between a 'hen and a duck', a typical joke here, because they aren't birds of a feather so, language-wise neither one understands what they  talk  about. Nevertheless, my mom would talk in our dialect or Bahasa Malaysia with some sign language  and he, in English. Somehow, they click well! We are the living translators when both sides seem blur.

No, this isn't me. This is my sister in London.

4. Apart from the above gift, this week,  I got an "Influential Blogger Award" from a sweet lady, Stephaine of Philippines. As I said before, I am not in the position to say the person I am or of my character. It's up to friends and readers to "assess" me to be in what category I should be. Thanks a lot to Stephaine. I am touched because she puts her heart into making the award a reality by spending five days working on it.  Her touching posts made me cried. I admire her courage in sharing part of her life with us. What more could I say other than my 2-cents and I wish Stephaine a happy and blessed life with her beloved DK.

I am not forgetting the rest of my friends. I am extending my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone of you and especially to my bloggers' friends who have, in one way or another, made it possible for me to keep going in this blogging world. Your awards, comments and encouragements have always been a great inspiration to me. Others who help me in the technical side, for your advices and tips, for pointing out my mistakes, you are simply awesome! I need people like you around. You are just like oxygen which I need most to keep me 'breathing'  in blogging. To all my followers here and at bloggers, you all mean the whole world to me. You have filled up my days with happiness upon getting your votes, visits and comments. Don't hesitate to give me constructive comments. It will indeed be a boost to improve my style of writing and you can pin-point my typos too. I am open-minded, so don't worry. You won't get bitten for telling me so!

Cheers, everyone!

P.S. Bahasa means language. Bahasa Malaysia is our national language.
       English comes as the second language.


  1. It's always good to look at the bright side of things. Being unhappy about things is just bad for health. :) I should know. LOL!

    Hope everything has worked out smoothly at your side!

  2. as I was reading your post there are things that I realized I think I put more negative energy on my life these past few months.
    Thanks for keeping me back on the right tract and thanks for mentioning my name.
    I think I have to make my own list as well thanks a lot for the idea...

  3. I feel like such an emo when I compare my blog with yours. Good work. Love the radiating happiness :)

    "There's always a little child inside us even if we are grown-ups."
    - That's immeasurable truth in that!

  4. This is great- I hope you get 'em (those colate) without giving any threat! :)

    Having fun and wonderful events like those is good. Keep us sharing, it gives us smile, too! :)

  5. @LiLing, thanks for your advice.

    @Stephaine, yeah...why not realease the negative thoughts and bring in the positive.

    @hairyman, thanks. I feel so care free whenever I laugh.

    @Moonomo, hey buddy! I've mint and strawberry colate. Would you like some? Yummmmmmmyy

  6. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog!
    I have become a follower on your blog and I have to say I really like your blog
    I am looking forward to more posts to come.

  7. Your blog is wonderful! Very content. beautiful photos. I appreciate very much.

  8. You are so precious my lovely. Congratulations on your well deserved award. And could I just say one thing? Just as someone a little older (forgive the luxury) .. I adore your modesty, but sunshine, if anyone deserves to wear their beauty proudly it's you. If done right, it can be both humble and magnificent at the same time. Many, many congratulations to your nieces and nephews. I'm blown away that they're learning their subjects in another language, and awed by the sophisticated level of education in your country. Education is key, as is a beautiful character, and your family clearly values both. Thank you for your beautiful friendship. I value it more than I can say. I lack patience with people, in general, and you're one of the rare ones. Sorry for the long post! lol .. really got into it :)

  9. Same thing here balqis.
    In everything we do, we need friends. Even in blogging. Friends help us to keep on going.
    Thanks to you too.

  10. @Aggie, what you say touches the deepest part of my heart. Thanks a million times!

    There's also some sombreness in my heart while writing this for reasons known to both of us. I wish we can hang on much longer but by right, you've your choice. The short span of time shared at bloggers will surely be remembered and engraved in my heart. You're among those who make a deep impact on my blogging life. Your friendship means a lot. You tease me and make me laugh, and I roar in laughters reading all your posts with humours in it. Logging in bloggers and see your greetings bring big smile to me. It's lucky that we're on the same part of the world, just a few hours away from each other, and able to greet each other in the morning and what's the fist thing we talk about? Breakfast!

    I'm going to miss you, just can't help it. But you know the way to this blog, so I'm looking forward to get visits from you at any time you're free to do so. You've got my email add too so that will be much easier to stay connected. Thank you for being such a nice friend. Wishing you the best in your next journey!

  11. @Angela @Nice @Zezebel, appreciate so much all your nice comments. Thank you for all your support. I'm thankful to have met great people like all of you. :)

  12. sub sub!
    kiss pretty sis.. have more to come remember its x'mas season already...
    uhmp! whats for me?? hahahahahahaha kidding... whew I am so happy commenting now with blogs.. I think I have the positive things from WWW pass on me..
    gracias ..

  13. Wow Balqis! Thanks for sharing, giving me time out to reflect Blessings in my life. Having a wonderful family, life-long career, friendships around the world, I too am richly Blessed. Thanks again putting your thoughts in writing~Cal

  14. @Stephanie, will think of it. :)

    @Painting Contractor, you are among those who agree with me on some matters. Thanks for your time on reading my humble post. Keep coming! :)

  15. you have a beautiful and intelligent niece, Nur Farhana bottom photo looks sholehah..
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  16. @Rozie, thanks for your compliment.
    Keep coming! :)

  17. You got beauties and brains nieces. They are so cute! Congrats to all of them. :)

  18. @Jolly, thanks! It's a blessing. :)