Oct 2, 2011

When Nature Strikes

a ravaging wind,
roots look up at the dark sky,
steel posts kiss the ground.

in sheer craziness,
a turmoil unpredicted,
great pain felt later.

terrifying moment,
oct 2 '11

* I didn't intend, in the first place , to write another haiku but the idea suddenly came to mind after experiencing a terrifying moment on Saturday afternoon. A very strong wind hit our residential area. A canopy in front of my house was blown away! Things were flying everywhere. Something must have hit my arm which I had just realised. I feel the pain and there it is, a big bluish mark. Luckily, the wind didn't last long.

image : freepages.misc.rootsweb


  1. I'm very sorry Balqis. How are you now? Hope you get better soon.
    Keep us informed, ok?

  2. Sorry to know it BB- hope things are now better!

    (It's great that you put it in words so accurately!)

  3. @Ana - Thanks a lot for your concern. The pain is still there but I'm ok.

  4. @Omo - Thanks a lot for your concern, too. Yes, things are better but so much losses on my part. I'm ok. Despite the pain, I penned it down in Haiku. Thanks for your kind words. :)

  5. Oh.. sorry to hear about that friend.:( Hope you and your whole family are fine.. Typhoon hit us here too, but were thankful 'coz no one hurt in my side.

    Keep in touch friend, stay safe! God bless...

  6. Everyone is fine. Thanks a lot for your concern, Rosalinda. I saw on tv news about the typhoon in your country. I'm sorry, too, to hear about it. Glad that nobody is hurt.

    Let's stay safe together. :)

  7. Hi Baqis,
    According to me, the small information which you had given at the end makes your poem complete!
    We'd never know when and how we'll get the idea to write something. nature continuously tries to give itself words through some of its writer or poet, who can admire its beauty! This time, it was you!

    It was a good poem indeed! :)
    Keep gong friend!

  8. I was watching the news and they were talking about Philippines so I came to see if you're ok.
    You had left a comment for me.
    I'm glad you're fine!

  9. So it the nature
    And so is the gift of it
    A warning to science

  10. Oh are you ok now sis?..a storm just passed by our country sis..thank God we are all safe..*hugs sis*..I have passed another award to you sis :)

  11. @Aakriti - Thanks a lot. You always awake the-feel-good-feeling inside me with all your nice words. Sometimes I pen down my Haiku based on what I experience but there are times when I write by exploring into different categories. Not necessarily related to my feelings. To me, writing is an adventure. :)

  12. @Ana - You know how touched I am with all your concern. It's really nice indeed to know there are people who really care. Yes, I'm fine and so is everyone else. Thank you so much, Ana. :)

  13. @Suresh - You haiku it so well. Thanks for saying the scientific side of it. :)

  14. @Sie - I'm ok. May be a bit of the storm had made its way to Borneo. Heard the forecast of another storm coming from Pacific ocean next week and is said to head towards South China Sea. Sorry to hear what had happened to the Philippines. Let's pray all will be safe.

    Thanks a lot for continously awarding me. I feel honored! :)

  15. It is amazing how we think about our virtual friends. I don't understand it but I really think of some people as friends even thou I know nothing about them.
    Blogs unite people...

  16. It is indeed! Even if virtual but the friendship is so real. Blogs unite bloggers/people across the globe. I'm glad to have met you though virtually. Thanks for being my friend. :)