Jul 13, 2011

So Inspiring!

Watching this video uplifts my spirit. I'm truly inspired by the beautiful words in the poem. Please, take a moment to watch. It might make a difference in your life.


  1. Sis it made me remember when I was still in college..I have a bookmark that contains this poem and it has always pushed me not to quit and do my best..until now this poem has always been in my heart..

    I am going through tough times we all go through a different journey in our lives..but the best part is having faith and hope always..we maybe down but we have always a choice to stand and move up..to move forward because we believe and hope that on the next move we will succeed..

    It is not by winning sis but it is on how many times we have stood up when we fall..it is not on how many times we have been hurt and failed..it is on how many times we gave a chance to be healed and survive the pain..

    I sometimes grow tired but I never quit sis..and I won't for my kids and quiet angel..I will stand up again and again because I know and believe that God's promises will be fulfilled in my life..so why quit :)

    *hugs hugs*..ayayay it was a long comment hehe..

  2. Dear Sie, I've walked through many rough roads but the obstacles didn't make me quit. I'm still standing! :)

    I love your long comments. It's an inspiration indeed! Thanks, sis. :)

  3. passing by again sis..breakfast..mwahhhhhh..just greeting you..have a wonderful morning :)

  4. *tracing breakfast's smell* hmmmmmm....*holding tummy* ..gimme some of those breakbreakfastfast please???

    i have that DON'T QUIT poem in a frame before in our old house..and i memorized it..hehehe..seriously, i did.. :)
    such an inspiring poem indeed, guess i first found it together with FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND..those 2 are in my fave's list..

    hmmmmmm...i do get a lots lots of chocos right? i don't quit eating those..I REST IF I MUST BUT I DON'T QUIT! yey!!

  5. @Sie - Thanks a lot for your morning greetings. I feel wonderful! :)

    I'm only able to greet back but it's evening. Good evening to you! :)

  6. @Beanie - You've a sharp sense of smell that you're after Sie's trail! Surely, you had a hearty breakfast. :)

    It's so wonderful of you to have the poem framed and memorise it. It's really inspiring and touching! I almost cried.

    Surely, you do get lots of chocos but better get a rest once in awhile. :)

  7. Really, so inspiring!
    I just felt soothed and relaxed!
    Sooo soooothing and soooo relaxinnnnng!

  8. I'm happy to know it, Suresh. Thanks a lot. :)

  9. I love this and it is oh, so true. I especially like the part " rest if you will, but don't quit " Thank you Balquis for sharing this one!


  10. Thanks a lot, Madison. I'm happy you love it. I love it, too. Everything good is meant to be shared. :)

  11. i saw it continuously for twice or thrice.....really inspiring! thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful poem in sight of the readers!

  12. Hi Aakriti! Thank you for watching the video. I like the poem so much. :)