Jan 1, 2011

Haiku - For The First Time

Soft glow of the sun,
Kisses my face tenderly,
On a brand new day.

In new year mood,
1st Haiku in 2011

Image : annarexic.deviantart.com


  1. Bah- what a nice one! Catching the sun- A brand new day! ;)

    Pictures fits so well, too!

  2. I'm waiting to feel this...
    Somethin to fill the void at least

  3. Hello, I just drop by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! My BEST WISHES for the year 2011!

  4. @Moon, thank you! Sun does depict something. :)

    @Hairyman, you're always welcome here. If it does make you feel better, then I'm very glad indeed. :)

    @JP, thanks for your warm wishes! The same greetings for you, too. :)

  5. Lucky and happy sun ray
    That shed the soft glow of the sun
    Even if there is not a brand new day!
    They, the grace of beauty, feel can!

  6. @Tony - my dear Tony, what words am I going to use to reply to those beautiful lines of yours? You never cease to make me gasping for breath in my search for appropriate words till I couldn't find one. Because I'm running out of 'em! But I mustn't forget to convey my deepest appreciations for all your very nice and kind words. My smile's from ear to ear now! :)

  7. wow ! thats really nice ! :)