Jan 21, 2011

Bee's Apocalypses

From the ancient jungle,
Yes, an ancient jungle,
Where I dwell and mingle,
With colourful life and people,
Who are happy but humble.

Everyone is lovable,
Caring, avoiding trouble,
Everything's so simple,
Everything's available,
Many things are edible.                                                

In a hive incomparable,
That's where I'm available,
Full of honey, so irresistible,
A taste will be memorable,
At a place, so comfortable.

A sense of belonging,
Friday morning.

Image :  magicmouse.com


  1. I loved this way to put things in a lovable trend!

    Full of good feelings and likes to human beings and nature!

    Good mental images!

    Congrats BB!

  2. Thanks a lot, Od! I didn't have the slightest idea of how to make it better. What I wrote are just ordinary, simple rhyme. Nothing to do with poetry. Thanks again for your very nice comments. :)

  3. Salam Balqis.
    I hate bee but I love to eat their honey.
    You should try using picture from flickr next time. It will be much nicer.

    lunaticg via bloggers.com

  4. Wow! Comfortable jungle and memorable taste of the honey- what else we need! Excellent writing- BB!

  5. @lunaticg - Wassalam. I understand the fear of being stung by bees is much hated (this is from my own point of view). But the sweetest thing we get is their honey which is rich in nutrients. Thank you for your suggestion to use flickr. Keep coming! :)

  6. @Moon - Well, it's just for fun. Thanks a lot for your very sweet comments. :)