Jan 11, 2011


Buzz! Buzz!
The busy bee.
Meow! Meow!
Adorable cat.
Greets the dog.
Quack! Quack!
Wiggles the duck.
Hark! Hark!
Cries the eagle.
Chirp! Chirp!
Sings the bird.
Moo! Moo!
Just for you.
Hoot! Hoot!
Melancholic owl.
And Woot! Woot!

Just for fun,
Tuesday evening.


  1. Is it me or are the bees trending these days? Haha! Just kidd. This entry made me smile. The title brings me back to the days of my English Lit class. ;)

  2. @LiLing - LOL..it's not meant for the victim! Oops, sorry! Maybe, it's the current trend. :)

    Yeah, me too...reminiscing the days when I was a giggling school girl, so came up with the topic. Thank you for being here. :)

  3. And Woot! Woot!
    Just for Od-

    LOL! :P

  4. This is actually one of the happiest things I've ever read :)

  5. @Moon - Let's recall, Woot! Woot! was a dog's bark, to my understanding then. Another version of bow-wow. ;)

    Nope, Od is an eagle. Can see him soaring high! :)

  6. @Hairyman - Harish, I wrote this just for fun. I'm happy if you think it's the happiest thing you've ever read. You surprise me. :)

  7. Hahaha- I remember- that's what I tell by Od-

    Od- Od's Bark- Od told dogs bark-

    Whatever! ;)

  8. @Moon - LOL, was asking Od and he answered me so convincingly that it's a dog's bark and you were talking in foreign language. I knew he was laughing. I was so naive! Imagine, how serious I was aking about Woot! Woot!. Only later, learnt from you it's real meaning cos you LOL @me. It's always so much fun goofing with both of you. Hilarious! :)

  9. *aking=asking. Whoa! is it because of the woot? :P

  10. I guess so- I'm having similar issue- eating here and there! :D

  11. Beautiful done! BB!!

    Beware. busy bee, Moon is a 'mystifier', one never knows when is he barking, w00ting, wooting, bowing or using other languages!! ha ha ha

    I can't soar as an eagle, only chirp as a sparrow... but loud enough!!! :))

    Thank you!!

  12. This enrty somehow makes me smile.

    thanx for sharing dear..

  13. hahaha nice one my friend an who goes woot woot? and where is the one that goes kokak kokak...where is my frog prince? oh there just hopping near by and he is crying he was not included in the song hmp... this post made me smile Balqis got something for you and Estephanie on my site*blink blink*

  14. @Tony - Thanks, Od. It's just for fun.
    Oh! you're giving early warning about the "mystifier". So, won't be surprised if I heard a caw! coo! crackle! from Moon. Sometimes, he's so meek that the only sounds we can hear is soft meow! meow!. I know he won't get mad! *Wink, wink @Moon*

    Od, if you aren't the eagle, then you're the falcon. Most needed by hunters for the skills you have. Your pen is mightier than the sword. :)

  15. @Pink Diva - thanks a lot, dear. I'm smiling too cos sometimes I feel so childish with this type of post. Anyway, being childish is good some time, to release stress. No joke, no fun, right? :)

  16. @Sie - Hehe...the one who woot woot is a mystery! The frog prince is in dreamland dreaming of his princess. If only the princess knows that he's the hunky prince. If only she would want to kiss him. :P Oh, how forgetful I was. The frog prince should be included to make a complete echoes. :P

    Thank you, Sie. :)

  17. wow.. I really love it... the best piece I have run in this blog so far.. because:
    a) my first time to in-counter this kind of work "i mean to personally know the one who made it"
    b) it makes me happy with the word alone
    c) it talks about nature
    d) perfect

  18. @Steph - Thank you! Your very nice comments make me blush. :)

  19. @BB Od won't get mad- he already- ahem- he has leg- you know! :P

  20. @Moon - You are the informant! :P