Oct 25, 2012

Benign Welcome

A feeling awakes and up goes the smile
Facing another grinding day of the world
Pleasant thoughts easily present making
A day as awesome as can be, though
Ugly sides of it tearing apart the beauty
Putting a gap in between light and darkness
In a frantic effort, to grasp that light of hope
Darkness keeps pulling the beautiful feeling
into that dark abyss, most feared for no return
Hearts will grieve and bleed sorrowfully


The air is still a plentiful to keep surviving
Against all odds and up goes the smile again
So, breathe in the air gleefully and walk happily
Among the field of yellow, warm lovely flowers
The sweet scent a solace to a lonely heart
The warm sun rays an antidote to a cold feeling
The dance of birds and butterflies flutter a heart
Awaking in another zone of new beginning
A benign welcome undiscovered before
This is life in a beautiful world, one and only



  1. Your thoughts are as fresh as the image in this post. Most definitely, our purview changes the tone of our life. With a positive thinking our lives can reach the height of happiness.

    1. Thank you, Sui. You always give nice comments for me. :)