Oct 15, 2011

The Perfect Place

I'd love to be in a fairy tale,
where there's always a happy ending
and can live happily ever after!

Weekend fancy,
Oct 15th '11
Sunny Saturday

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  1. A place with never-ending happiness is really a perfect place, especially with the one you loved most..) same here sis, wishing to get there too..:)

  2. I would love to be in a fairy tale also Balqis..where there's always a happy ending..a fairy tale that would last forever..a love that will last for a life time..a fairy tale in real life where there are no final chapters like in child stories..but having a continuous learning with your love one in reality ;)

  3. @Sagittarian - That's what we all wish and which we all hope to come true. Thank you, Ros. :)

  4. @♥Sie♥ - How nice if we can all be in it! You said it so beautifully! Thanks a lot. :)

  5. @Sanchita C - Surely, it's the first choice for you and I! All the best to you, too. :)

  6. Sure? Then let me wish you-

    "Just like a fairy, you have two wings with no tail!
    You soar up and up in the mirthful sky without any fail!

    Happy now? :)

  7. blogwalking and follow this blog

  8. @Suresh - Of course, I'm happy reading your nice words. Will try to soar up even if I've to fly without wings. Thank you, Suresh. :)

  9. @newbiemaster - Thanks a lot for the follow. I hope you have a great time blogwalking. :)

  10. My teenage daughter just commented to me earlier "I hate to watch movies where the heroes finally kill the bad man!"

    She must have the same thoughts
    Hoping to have a happy ending for all..


  11. Lovely - I'd like to be there too.
    @Sie - beautifully said.

  12. @katrina - It's the wish on our minds though we know life isn't wonderful all the times. When I was a little girl, I loved reading fairy tales. May be the influence is too great on me! Now this BIG girl is thinking again of how it was like in fairy tales. Thanks a lot for sharing what your daughter thought.

    Cheers! :)

  13. @Suzy and @Ana - Come, lets' go there together!
    Thank you both for being here. It's a pleasure indeed having friends around. :)

  14. Can I keep the book of that fairy tale? :))

  15. Yes, Omo, it's for keeps! Fairy tales are living tales. Thanks for your smiles. :)) They brighten up my day. :))