May 26, 2011

Haiku - Sweet Nothings

Lost in affection,
Two hearts beat in unison,
Hush, a sweet nothings.

Divine and blissful,
The songs of heart ring gaily,
Flame of love burning.

In love with Haiku,
26th May '11
Thursday wee hours.

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  1. It is so sweet and kind!

    Hush is the word and action when we face true love!

    A wonderful Haiku, BB!


  2. @Ning - Thank you for loving it. :)

  3. @Od - And it's a kind of hush and sweet nothings known only by those who go through the wonderful moments of being loved and in love!

    Thanks so much for your very nice words. :)

  4. Two hearts, one beat.
    Two bodies, one soul.

    Love is life and life is love.
    A good love lesson or experience? :)

  5. Suresh, we learn many a good lessons and experiences as we journey through life. At one point, we might have gone through such moments where nothing else matters.

    Thank you for your poetry-like comments. As always you excel in it. :)

  6. Hush (read love) ringing the heart? :)

  7. Omo!! Hush! Anything can ring anywhere! LOL

    Glad that you're back here. Thank you, Omo! :)

  8. Lost inside choco gallery
    Two chocos battle in beanie's mouth
    hush hush, these sweeetttest things

    Dark, plain and sticky
    the taste of real yummmmmy
    inside my tummy melting

  9. LOL..Beanie, the choco lover! Are they the 'he' and 'she' chocos in the battle??

    You have a great taste! Thank you, Beanie. :)

  10. Love captures my heart and soul
    The desire and fulfillment
    My love leads to you alone.

    Inexpressible joy
    Unexplainable feeling
    A love worth of my everything.

    I give to you my all
    My life,heart and soul
    For you are my destiny
    My Quiet Angel till eternity.

    *hahaha..Balqis my haiku professor do I have a passing mark? weeeeeeeeeeee :) please at least for the effort please.....

  11. WOW! you get a distinction for this lovely poem! Loved it! Please, write more! :)

    Your Quiet Angel is looking after you. I hope your quiet angel is reading this right now. God bless! :)

    Thank you, Sie. :)

  12. i'm here again..peeping at ms. sie's poem...
    wow! she's in love..lucky quiet angel..
    i'll give ms. sie a choco bar for those lovely lines..*reaching choco bar*

    ok, i'll give her a bonus kiss too 'coz i'm generous..mwah mwah mwah..

  13. I am the luckiest to have my quiet angel
    Beany..*yehey I have a choco bar..and a bonus kiss blink blink..*giving more kisses mwah mwah mwah..

    Thank you Balqis for your post weeeeee:)

  14. To Beanie and Sie, I love your presence here. Makes this blog lively with so many jokes and laughter.

    Beanie, you're so generous with your choco and kisses for Sie. Wow!Wow!Wow!

    Sie, of course, you're the luckiest person being loved by your quiet angel. Your quiet angel is showering you with lots of love and care!

    You're welcome. And both of you are always welcome here. Please, be comfortable and feel at home! :)

  15. Thank you, Geeta, for your nice words. :)