Feb 10, 2011

Being Bothered ...

If anything bothered you, would you show it in front of other people?

I don't know whether we are losing self-respect when giving up ourselves with so much private issues.

Just a thought.

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  1. There is a fine line to play. In a room of 10-20 people, most certainly not. Having said that, I would happily say if I was delayed in traffic, or at the train station. But nothing big. I leave that for hubby, parents and a few close friends, rather than announcing. Certainly with blogging, I think you can reveal a lot about yourself, but I am not using it for revealing stuff going on in my life, or problems. It's for things that I like or interest me.

  2. Thanks, Ambivalence. Surely, it's better to keep things to oneself but if there's a need to talk about it, family and close friends should be the one to turn to.

  3. Ambivalence said it nicely!

    Usually I think bad/sorrow isn't to share with people other than close ones- if something bothered me- may be I will just pass aside-

    Some cases I do take actions though, depends, and rare- :)

  4. Good thinking, BB!

    And you started a real serious train of thoughts from people.

    From my experience in the world, the showing depends on the cultural traits of the person!

    With time Western people are developing a sense for showing raw emotions. Sometimes it is disgusting the way it is done.

    Eastern people still keep a more circumspect facet but there are a small peep at loosing up too.

    Maybe the stress of nowadays life is to blame!

  5. I think it depends on the situation. As a coach, I get angry and show it sometimes. I use it as motivation. But that is something I wouldn't do in a small group that has strangers in it. I actually think people in the states are starting to show more emotion in public than they did 10 or 20 years ago

  6. @Moon - Thanks a lot for sharing your views. Maybe it all depends on how strong we are in handling things that bother us. Some can handle it so well and I think you're among them. :)

  7. @Tony - Thanks so much. You always pamper me. :)

    Your comments add another aspect on the differences of cultural traits. Different ways of life make us react differently towards certain matters. Yup, the hustle bustle of today's life contributes to the high level of stress. It worsens the situation when one's being bothered!

  8. @Steve - I appreciate your response so much. Yup, it depends on what situation with its pros and cons. There's always the positive side of it though sometimes, we think it negatively. I like it when you mentioned it's for motivation. By doing so, only then people will "move".

    Thanks a lot, Steve. :)

  9. I tend to lose temper at my family members more than at my friends. Guess one will always be more comfortable to show the ugly side to the people who will still be there for all ups and downs and will never judge. But if a friend has gone too far, I will definitely show it on my face...and start 'lasering' that friend, maybe. LOL!

  10. LOL...Liling, you have a "laser" mouth. Well, that's to be used when in "critical" situations. Yeah, we tend to "show off" a lot of our meanest sides to our family cos no matter what, they'll still be there for us. I think, others will avoid us.

    Thanks for sharing. :)