Mar 27, 2011

Time Flies

Months come and go,
Like tides high and low.
Life goes on and on,
Still holds much more,
Discoveries awaiting.

Seconds ticks to minutes,
Hours follow suit, 
Changing days to months,
Till a year is through,
Revolves the cycle is.

Keeping track of time,
March 27th 2011,


  1. Yeah, time sure flies.. Soon it will be my birthday, meaning one year older with another cycle to unfold...

    Miss you, sis.. Lovely flow in your poem.. :)

  2. The circle of life... Amazing :)

  3. loved it specially
    tides high and low
    discoveries awaiting..
    so true n lovely composition...

  4. Till a year is through,
    Revolves the cycle is.
    And all of a sudden
    We lookback and miss-

    Duh- how fast time passes by- those days- can we freeze it? :)

  5. @Krislin - Oh yes! we just can't hold back the returns of the day! A year older, a year wiser.

    I miss you, too. I've been going through a very hectic time.

  6. @sakura - Thanks a lot for your nice words. :)

  7. @Moon - You make me feel the sudden longing of rewinding time to how it used to be...especially the good old times. I miss it so much! How nice if it could be frozen. :)

  8. Time is very powerful element! The only thing element that knows us really. Thanks for the great poem, I;m Keeping track of time too.

  9. Something I always wish I have more of. Although later on in life, I found out that we make our own time :)

  10. @delirious - Yeah, we never seem to have enough. :)

  11. Sure time flies. This put a lot of pressure on humans for tasks yet to be accomplished.
    Nice piece!

  12. Thanks a lot. A good time management is important where accomplishment is concerned. :)

  13. Time flies Balqis I agree and all of us must be ready because with time comes change.We can't control time and the only thing that we could do is to cherish every moment that we have.

  14. You are a very inspiring person.
    I know you have your ups and downs but it seems to me you have peace in your heart.
    Take it as a blessing!

  15. Thank you, Ana, for all your kind words.