Mar 11, 2011

In Dire Hope

It's hard to hold back for this isn't what we plan it to be. Yet another teardrop falls.  Who are we to fight back what's been destined for us? We're helpless souls  lost in the sea of sorrow. The high raging waves have hit us badly and everything is shattered in the wild vastness around us. It's hard to pick up the little pieces and let alone to glue it back for every single piece of the dreams has been destroyed completely.

The feeling is in a state of coma with a blur hope of restoring it to what it used to be. That light at the end of the tunnel is at a far reach. We won't be able to make it before it's completely gone and leave us in darkness again. It's so frightening and we succumb to our own fear.

A wish that it isn't too harsh for us. But every part of  this so called emotions have been battered and the casualties are high.

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  1. Is is a wonderful and terrifying feeling that of the uncertainty of future and the gloomy omens gliding over the horizon!

    It is not a surprise finding so good a description from your numen, BB!

    Great post!

  2. Thanks a lot, Od. You said it so precisely. Thank you for reading my thoughts and your kind words. :)

  3. It is hard- it is frustrating and it is dark! Somehow we able to fightback even if our arms aren't strong and we don't know what's next.

    Till a single breath remains- we need to keep our emotions high!

    Best wishes, BB! :)

  4. Omo, that's exactly what it is all about. No matter how harsh it is, the survival spirit is high and will go on till the last minute.

    Thanks so much, Omo. I'm happy to see you again. :)

  5. but i can't be that weak when i have my choco bars and lollies in my hands..right?

    if the spirit is willing to conquer but the flesh can't even fight, how can you survive? (how would i know?,i'm still a baby)

    maybe the heavens can answer what the earth cannot..maybe?

    p/s. that pic reminds me of the tragedy yesterday in japan. so horrible :(

  6. Please don't leave hope in such a dire helpless situation. Please let it shed tears nonstop so that the feeling may keep waving without entering the state of comma, a beautiful sign of life, far away from casualty.

  7. @beanie - You cute lil baby! Of course, your choco bars and lollies are your life saver. :P

    You know, even in weakest moments, miracles can happen. The answer isn't from heaven but from within us. :)

    Thank you, baby-with-diaper, for your smart response! I'm almost defeated!

  8. @Suresh - Thanks a lot. What you said are really an inspiration and motivation. I'm happy to hear that. :)