Jan 8, 2011

Whispers Of The Waves

Sea breeze refreshing the soul, 
Rolls of waves crashing in,
Like a fury for the intangible cause,
But most significantly in sight.

The waves whisper to me,
A rough day's not an eternity,
The creator gives a balance of life,
Rough and calmer days intertwined.

(I heave a sigh of relief.)

Whisper the waves again,
Dread not what you see,
It's temporary, not a destruction,
Of what it used to be.

Knowing not what to write,
 Mind's too occupied.

P.S. On another note, my alma mater, Universiti Putra Malaysia, was at 6th place in the Greenmetric World University Ranking 2010. Not only clinching the 6th place among 95 countries that participated but it also emerged as the best in Asia. It was in yesterday's news. A pride! :)

*The pic taken by yours truly at Tanjung Batu's beach.


  1. It is so beautiful!

    The way you knit words into soft and hard thoughts giving the real experience of life, Busy Bee!

    I like the rhythm and the free cadence of the stanzas.

    It is a wonderful poem that, to me, speaks about the mysteries in the soul and the hope of new futures buildings into eternity

    If you write so when your mind is too occupied, jut try to be busy all day long!!

    Congrats for the achievement of your Alma Mater!!

  2. @Tony, thank you so much! You always give inspirations and aspirations for me to write...well, on just anything. Didn't even tag this as poem cos my mind's astrayed! I'm even afraid to call it a poem cos to me, it's so poorly written.

    Thank you for reviewing it and for your advice. I'll take it. :)

    Thank you, too, for congratulating the achievement of my Alma Mater. You start off my day with positive thoughts! :)

  3. i can hear now the whisper...so soft and so gentle are the words...well done balqis.

  4. @Sabita, thank you! You add another smile to my face. :)

  5. a rough day is not eternity - whew you nail it there...
    another master piece.. love it...

  6. Rolls of waves crashing in,
    Like a fury for the intangible cause


    Rough n tough crashes but they vanish and come back- the rest whisper!

    Very nice! ;)

  7. @Moon, you wow me with your words! Thank you so much. :)

  8. " a rough day's not an eternity"
    lovely lines!!!

  9. @Sakura - Welcome to my blog! And thanks a lot for your nice words. :)