Jan 18, 2011

Another Day Passes By

My mind's quite blank. I feel like writing but have no idea what to write. It has been raining for three continuous days. My house is on a hilly area, so there is no fear of floods. The only thing that bothers me is the clothes that get very damp.  Once, I hated gloomy days because my mood was affected by it. To me, it was a sign of  sorrow.  And as though automated, my mind would think of the sad and bad moments I went through and made me feel so down. Now, I am much better because I don't think  of  such thing anymore.

Today is quite an eventful day. Driving to work early morning with the car's radio on. My favourite radio station is Cats FM. The DJs always  play nice songs which boost my spirit for another great day ahead. It is a must for me to listen to songs on the way to work and on the way back. The songs make me feel lighthearted and ready for another day even if with heaps of work. It is a therapy to beat tense and irritable feelings. Mood can be changed through music. Therapists call it isomoodic principle.

Colours also play a vital part to uplift one's spirit. Today, I'm wearing a light purple baju kurung. The soft shade gives a soothing, calming effect. Neutral colours can help alleviate anxiety and tension. I love shades of blue.

On another account, during lunch break I went to the post office to get something. It was a long wait  and all the seats were occupied.  I had to stand up waiting for my number to be called. It was quite tiring, so I leaned against  the wall.  Was caught by surprise when suddenly there was a flash from a camera. I looked at where it came from.  Saw a reporter on the other side of the room focusing the camera  at me! Omg! was I caught on candid?  Wasn't able to ask him because he left right after that. My face must be very tense because I haven't had my lunch. Probably, looked like a hungry lioness, too!

And on the way out, got a call from the office telling me to be back in office for some urgent matters. Omg! my stomach's whining. Told the technician, I would be back soon after I had lunch. My signature's sought after! :P .  Regarding work, sometimes I smile thinking of how our department motivates us in so many ways. One example is the motivation written in every page of  the executive notebook,

"Quality Is Never An Accident. It Is The Result Of Planning, Teamwork And 
A Commitment To Excellence."

Every time opening my notebook, I'd read it. And just recently, got another one as a sign of appreciation for the successes we achieved in the previous year. Written on the cover of the notebook,
"Happy Time. To Go For Great Goals, You Have To Start From Minor Ones."
 Oh! I just love working though sometimes I get headache dealing certain matters. :)

Image : becandolifecoaching.com


  1. I said it once and I'll say it again. You lead an interesting life!
    Oh and yes, the first thing I noticed about Malaysia when I landed there was that it's ALWAYS raining!

  2. You've "Rocking days to passes by". ;)

    That reporter probably couldn't resist to take a shot of wall-faced-sad-hungry-face of yours! And he just ran away by stealing the momenta!

    I must say those notes are "working" way to motivate fellow "worker"- I liked the idea.

    Even it gives a thought for another Haiku- thank you! :D

  3. @Hairyman - Thanks, Harish, if that's what you have to say, I'm so pleased to hear it. :)

    Now, it's monsoon season which gives us plenty of rain and floods! The dry season will be in July-August. Even now, dark clouds hang low. Will rain again at any time. It'll end after the Chinese New Year.

  4. @Moon - Thanks a lot for your very nice words. I'm happy reading your comments. :)

    Sometimes, reporters take random pictures. I ever appeared in the newspaper when welcoming the minister of our ministry. Glamorous just for a day! LOL

    Sometimes, I run out of ideas on what to write. It happens to everyone. :)

  5. Busy busy bee...So where is that reporter or a stalker? hala just joking hehehe...

    Looks like you have been so busy my friend on working take time also to rest once in awhile...

    can we have a coffee break just the two of us? I will tell you something a secret ssshhhhh...I know him his not reporter he is a stalker hahahahaha.......

  6. @Sie- LOL, if he's a stalker! Oh sure! would love to have coffee break with you. San Francisco coffee, ok? And what's that secret??? I'm so anxiuos to know. ;)

  7. Yes, the weather can certainly affect one's mood. Over here in Canada, one can experience "blue Monday" - for example a long winter means it's very cold, lots of snow, no sunshine, and getting the bills from Christmas & other problems can lead to depression. Luckily, it hasn't been too bad of a winter!

    Keep on smiling no matter what the weather!

    Thanks for always stopping by! :-)

  8. @Melanie - Thanks for inspiring me. It's my pleasure to stop by your blog and wall whenever I'm able to do so. Stay in touch! :)

  9. Hello Balqis! Unlike you, I love seeing and playing with the rain. It feels so cozy to just lazily stay in bed during these days, but then I find watching the raindrops fall even more rewarding.

    Wah! The reporters chased to take photos of you?!! What a lovely superstar you must be! **chuckle! Please do the honor in signing your name at my notepad ;') Hehehe

    I love your quotes, so admiring! Can I borrow it on my blog too? Heheh

  10. @Dai - I love rain but I don't like to get wet! Playing in the rain would be fun. :)

    The reporter was just taking candid pics, I presume. Hehehe...look at the title of my blog "lilstar"...yeah, just a lil star with less twinkles! So, there won't be any signature at the notepad. :P

    Thank you for liking the quotes. Everyday, we are "fed" with that. Sure, you can put it at your blog. :)

  11. Reading your blog I am tempted to ask not to know what to write about!

    I cannot imagine what gem will you write if you find a subject of your liking!

    From a crowded room, to a reporter, to rain, to anything, you can "say" a brilliant tale full of human happenings and interesting topics!

    Beautiful, BB!!!

  12. @Untony - Thanks a lot, Od! You always inspire me - countless times! I write what I see, what I experience. You are a mind booster! :)

  13. i like your writing style i feel like it is similar to mine!

  14. Thank you and welcome to my blog! It's nice to know the similarities. Keep coming! :)