Jan 29, 2011

Stay Alert Always

Road accidents occur every now and then. Could it be avoided if we are precautious enough to look seriously into matters related to driving and the condition of the cars, whether they are in a tip-top condition or not? I used to see messages on signboards which remind drivers to drive carefully and think of their loved ones. It also goes to the extent of  reminding , "Don't let your family wait in tears." Isn't it a good reminder?

This morning, my colleague's car was knocked at the rear by a Honda CRV which was driven by a teenager who had just got the driving licence. According to my colleague, her car spun several times. Luckily, she had minor injuries. What's saddening is she had planned to go back to her home town for the Chinese New Year celebration but now her car has to be sent to the workshop for repairs.

I'm now in Miri city, a neighbour of Bintulu.  It's only about 2 hours-drive from Bintulu when using the coastal highway. I go to Miri frequently and most of the times just for leisure. There were times when I saw accidents on the Bintulu-Miri highway.  Some were due to recklessness. Courtesy on the road is important. As drivers, it is our responsibilty, too, to ensure our cars are safe on the road.

I'm spending my weekend here and I'm thinking all of you.  Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend!

Image : ahajokes.com


  1. Accidents are most of the time by-product of ill-disciplined people. Each could have been avoided if only everyone plays more responsible especially when driving. Be safe, Balqis! Xin nian kuaile. Gong xi fa cai!

  2. Ning, thanks! Xin nian kuaile, Gong xi fa cai!

    Mandarin oranges for me, please! :) Cos I don't deserve ang pow! :)

  3. Yeah, you are right.. It had always been and the fact that it had been raining these days make the road somewhat harder..
    My brother who just got his licence is really impatience behind the wheels.. He never listen which was why my dad never allowed him to take the wheels..
    Anyway, sis, yeah, Lunar New Year is round the corner and thanks for you well-wishes.. :)
    Nin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) and Wan Shi Ru Yi (All goes according to one's wishes)..

  4. I understand how your brother feels. There's so much thrills especially when driving by oneself without the company of a driving instructor. :)

    Yeah, Lunar New Year's coming soon. Nin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru yi, Gong Xi Fa Cai! :) :)

  5. yeah we should be very careful while driving.. nice advice ! thank you for sharing :)
    hey you're still in Miri enjoying your vacation? :) happy weekend balu :D

  6. A most interesting and serious post, BB!

    On our highways we are having a silent fight, with shotguns we use as outer skeletons, I mean those powerful machines we call cars!

    They are bad mix with a human driver under the grip of different emotions!

    Unfortunately, there alway be peevish people having the control of the wheels.

    A few months ago I went over a seminary on 'defensive driving'. After a long discussion we reached the point where nobody is sure if driving a mobile trying to keep control of everything on the road is a safe thing. It taxes a lot the driver and finally it ends getting the opposite results!

    Good reminder BB! Thank you!

  7. Thanks a lot, Od. It's always nice to get good responses from you and your views on it. :)

  8. Cars are actually a two edge sword. They are safer than bikes but can also be fatal if not careful. Hope everyone will get back to their families safely this festive season. Happy holidays to you Balqis!

  9. Wow! Liling, I'm amazed by your great expression of cars. Yeah, as the festive season's here again, I wish everyone a safe journey home. Happy holidays to you, too! Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)