Sep 9, 2009


The dates....some auspicious, some important, some memorable, some are not to be forgotten.....the bottom line, what's so significant about it? It all depends on how we look at it or more to our very own experiences of what we are going through on certain specific dates such as today.

The past few days, I have been thinking of today's date. It's such a lovely number....triple 9....the odd number 9...triple 9 when multiplied equals 27. There's nothing special when I talk about this number. It's just that it sounds good when it's written down or when I say it. No doubt, it does carry myriads of meanings for those who want to make today's date as a very memorable one for certain celebrations.... such as getting engaged or tie the knots. Whatever it is, it all depends on how we want it to be remembered as a very significant date in our life or whether it's the date that brings happiness or sadness....Hard to predict, right?

Personally, today isn't a good day for me ...... a sad one, I'd say. Most of us have experience various stages of life.....a mixture of what I'd prefer to say, the bitter sweet of it. But it's beyond our capacity to ward off the 'bitter' side of it as it's so unpredictable..... But what keeps us strong is the faith in the almighty for whatever crosses our paths has a blessing in disguise. So, let's count or blessings....whenever we lose what we love most....we get something even more better than what we used to have....behind every cloud, there's a silver lining....there's a light at the end of the tunnel......isn't that so inspiring to think of the positive side of it? It would make us more matured and thankful of what we have after toiling through gruelling moments. So, keep counting your blessings!


  1. Agreed! Keep on counting your blessings!!

  2. That's right! Thanks a lot for dropping by. You make my day!