Sep 5, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Saturday!'s a day I always wait for cos it's weekend when I can let my hair down after 5 days of hard work....not complaining, just saying it! Today, I can pamper myself ...... no hush and rush for work , wake up at whatever time I want, listen to Hafiz's songs or the chirping birds out there among the trees, watch the sunset later , go to Tanjung Batu Beach and watch the big tankers out there or simply smell the roses in my garden for it gives me sensations of relaxation and well-being. That's quite a long list but I will pick the best among all.

Among the favourite spots my family and I use to go to during weekend is the Tanjung Batu Beach. I appreciate nature so much so, I find that it's a breathtaking place where I can listen to and watch the waves roll onto the beach besides watching the casuarina trees swaying gracefully when blown gently by the sea breeze producing some kind of soft sentimental sound pleasant to the ears. I used to look far at the horizon and wonder what's that at the other side of it......mind visualizing a place where there's really peace and tranquility ....... so calm which will bring peace to my mind, so heavenly.... that's what I dream of .....

Well, back to reality, today I feel the burden have been lifted off my shoulder for most of what I did the past few days have been completed. I can heave a sigh of relief, though I know many more are to come....that's the fact cos life has to go on.... And it's Ramadhan and I'm, I thought of preparing some special dishes today. As I'm at home, ample time could be spent in the kitchen trying my cooking skills! Sometimes what I cook don't turn up the way it should be and for that family members are complaining....sorry!

And I didn't tend to my garden for quite sometime. The last time when I was extremely busy was last month during haze. Plants have to be watered everyday including my rambutan trees. Despite my effort, it's saddening to see the rambutan fruits turn brownish. Poor me! Right now, I'm thinking of the flowers and plants ... and they are all screaming for my attention!


  1. wow... is that Bintulu seaside? Cantek...

  2. Yup...the second pic is Bintulu beach - Tanjung Batu. The first pic is Tanjung Kidurong - Sarawak's deep sea port. Actually, one of the biggest port in Malaysia.