Sep 11, 2009

Under The Weather......

     Quite restless as though like a centipede with an athlete foot.....whatever I do seems to be wrong. Body aching and temperature is far from normal. Been feeling unwell since yesterday but today I gather enough gut to be back on my feet for certain reasons which are very important for me to settle soon and handling very important
documents which have to be
handed over to a third party for their execution.
 So, this afternoon I went over to the advocates' office armed with my two sets of documents. Upon arrival, the very sweet looking secretary intercomed her boss and I was told to wait for him in that very cold room......just couldn't bear it but things have to get done VERY SOON! There I was waiting for what I felt as though  long dragging hours (actually, it was for about ten minutes or so). My condition have made me felt that way.  Right after that, I heard footsteps and there he was, that lawyer who greeted me and said 'Hey! you look familiar to me." My god! have I ever met this guy before? I couldn't recall where and when but he was like a chatter box (indeed, he was.....good as a lawyer!) He was asking me who introduced me to go over to his firm, I said bluntly nobody....I just got hold of whatever firm I came across first as I didn't have any panel. The chat was flowing very smoothly....he being a chatter box...asked me my educational background and so on and so forth and yes....we were once in the same school but he was my senior. At that moment, I was feeling much better telling him of my intention and being a normal person and inquistive, I couldn't help getting very anxious of wanting  to know how much was my legal fee......afraid that I might get a hole in my pocket! Well, much to my relief he told me it would be 10% of my asset. That's ok.....and he promised my documents would be prepared soon and convincingly said.....that's easy to be done...Of course, easy for a pro like him who had gone through many things day in day out. Whereas a layman would blink and fumble over long sentences written in  a "lawyer's way " which sometimes fail to make us understand that really well! l'm still wondering though for that very warm reception they give thier clients.....could it be a business strategy to keep clients coming back.....Whatever it is, I for one do look for first class treatment whenever I  go to see a private doctor, a lawyer, a beautician etc etc cos I would like to get back what's worth paying for. Glad to say that they treat clients really well .....that's how it should be for businesses to go on and survive in the ever competing life.

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