Jun 6, 2013

The Heart Flies With Them

Where had they gone to? Once there were white storks that used to look for big insects for the feed of the day among the short green, green grass at the end of the field. Only once in awhile, they flew for safety when there were  sounds of roaring engines' planes coming close to the airstrip at the times for landing. Like a big umbrella, they rose and flew together as a flock to one direction, keeping themselves safe from being hit by the plane. Then, they were back again landing on the same grass and carrying on their daily chores till they were full.

They came in big flock that looked like a big white sheet spread on the grass and so eye-catching from afar.  Their presence became the attraction of the town and  so popular, thus they could be found on signboards and even in concrete forms as beautiful statues which symbolize this place as a coastal town. They had occupied that piece of land for a long, long time. But as the town grew into a concrete jungle, the flocks seemed dwindling away. Any nature lover who had seen these white storks would miss them; their beautiful sight in the dewy morning and even against the orange evening rays they were very diligently making the last hunt of the day.

Survival seems inevitable on what is left and would be a rare sight  to see them even in a small group. How lonely and distress the heart of  a lone ranger stork walking the same place which had been reduced in size and which offers so little as a hunting ground.  The rest of the flocks must have ventured far till they meet a suitable place which could ensure the continuation of  the next generations. Without much of them around, it saddens one true nature lover whose heart flies with the rest who take flight to an unknown place with no promises of another paradise.

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This photo was taken by me in 2010 and could be viewed in my post on 2.12.2010.

© 2013 Balqis


  1. In a wonderful poetic way, you show the sadness of change. Most of the time we use to say: "The only thing that does not change is 'change'"! Cute remark!

    But it hides one of the punishments our species receive for its sins.

    It starts at birth, and we change forever, only it happens so near that we cannot realize what is happening.

    Nature can't be an exception, you notice it. We are pressed between a sword and a wall, we need to progress, to "change" into «better» ways of life, we need to pass from a rawhide tent to a skyscraper and we need more and more space in detriment of other life forms.

    The sadness of the loss of the white Storks spreads out from your writing into myself. My heart fly to them!

    You are a poetess, BB! and know how to make beat quickly the heart!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Od, for these wonderful comments of yours which delight me and make me feel so honoured again being seen as a poetess. :)

      I agree "change does not change". It's just that some changes make others change, too, or worse going into extinction. If only there's some kind of a sanctuary, we could save "millions" of lives and one day in future, we'll be so proud telling our future generations what it used to be once and what could still be seen in real not just in pictures and books.

      Where you and I live, there are great differences but one thing which we both could share is development that takes on a fast pace each day. I love development cos it makes me feel I'm moving forward surrounded by modern buildings and buzzing businesses.

      But, Od, I have a soft spot for these little creatures. I love nature so much and I wish they don't deserve to be driven far away and then disappeared at the horizon.

      I owe much thanks to you for understanding me. Loved your comments. :)

  2. I'm so glad that throughout my life I've managed to see some wildlife Balqis because so many fowls, animals, insects etc are becoming extinct now and years from now I don't think we'll get to see some of those precious creatures anymore.

    The view of those storks must have been very beautiful but as man progresses in life, concrete becomes more valuable, if you know what I mean. One day, we will wake up with total silence and wonder what we have done with these creatures...

    1. It's such a wonderful feeling being able to see the unique wildlife; some are so exotic! I hope to see more of them before they extinct.

      I understand you, Rumpunch. Progress means development and to pave way for it, much have to be sacrificed.

      Indeed, it was such a beautiful sight watching hundreds of the storks that covered most part of the grass. And another beautiful sight when they flew in big group.

      I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Rumpunch. :)

  3. Yes , that is very sad , they have become invisible now days in our country too, touching words and writing :)

    1. Indeed, it's really sad. Thank you for your kind words and visit, Aunt Mary. :)

  4. You touch the reader's heart by your charismatic words!:)

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Zarnab. :)

  5. So sad to know that people are losing these birds...Hope people will work together to bring back our paradise...

    yes, the post is nicely written..