May 26, 2013

When It Was There

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Casuarina tree...
where are your songs that lullaby me
at bright noon by the white sandy beach
I long for that beautiful moment
when I slowly fell into a sweet day dream
seeing  heaven on the other side of the horizon
the sparkling turquoise sea seemed calling me
to explore the secrets of that so called heaven
and enjoyed its breath-taking beauty that stunned me
and I fell deeper in my day dream as you kept on lullaby me

Casuarina tree...
for a moment, I thought the wind had taken you away
your sweet voice had gone, perhaps with the wind
as the place became lifeless without your songs
as I sat here, I thought it was once upon a time
like Romeo and Juliet, the sacrifice you both would make
when the white sandy beach and you needed each other 
the love had lost its luster, aging in the ever changing moons and sun
there remained the same beach dotted with freckles of time
I knew not where you were but your lullaby rang sweet in my heart

© 2013 Balqis


  1. This is so beautiful ... the way you painted the scenery ... just WOW !!!

    1. Thank you so much for your WOW. I'm honoured! Thanks again, Green. :)

  2. This is so deep, so personal, so full of the tissue of heart that there is no adjectival word capable of bringing together the internal ringing of the bells tolling from that place where even the self cannot be sure of its content.

    It is beautiful, yes!, it is splendid, yes! and it IS!

    Far from the usual lanes we walk in our mind this little gem transport the soul of the reader into a very enjoyable place with no name, with no discernible part that can be "taken", only with such vitality that it is only possible to share through a dim veil of relevance that let us partake because the simple fact of being human beings!

    This is awesome, BB.

    Thank you so much for letting exercise the muscle of sharing with this so especial variation!

    1. I'm elated by your kind words, Od. You know, I really appreciate it so much. This poem was written based on real experience because once, my late father worked at a place by the sea. As little children we loved playing on the beach and used to relax under the casuarina trees.

      What I wrote comes from my heart. Even now, whenever I go to the beach, sweet memories of what it used to be comes back. The place had changed a lot, thus I missed the casuarina trees that were there once.

      You do understand me, Od. You make my day! Thank you so much. :))

  3. How happy and fulfilled life can be if all people think this way. Being optimistic in every trial we encounter could be a source of our strength to continue our journey in this life that is full of meaning. Just like a tree, life has its fruitful and unfruitful season.

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    1. Hi Marilyn! Welcome to my blog! :)

      Thank you so much for your inspiring comments. Life could be beautiful or otherwise but I try to think of its beauty that could make me smile. Whenever I think of the ugly side of it, it hurts me more. So I'm making use of positive vibes on what could make me happy. :)