May 11, 2013







The eyes in autumn,

Witness leaves falling gently,

Whispering secrets.






** No, we don't have autumn here. This is just my imagination and it is for my first post in the month of May!

It had been quite a hiatus for me from blogging when ideas all seemed to freeze. Apart from that, I had been super busy! This is just to let you guys know.

Thank you to everyone who keeps visiting my blog. I know your presence here and I appreciate it.


  1. Lovely imagination and beautiful poetry :)
    amazing combination :)

    1. It's always nice to read your kind words, Aunt Mary. Thank you so much! :)

  2. It "IS" Fall here, the parks are full of amazing colours, we walk on a multicoloured carpet, and the leaves whisper secrets hidden in the pleats of the Universe tissue!

    You describe it as if you were seeing it! Very beautifully!

    Thank you, BB!

    1. WoW! What a coincidence, Od! I don't know the season on your side till now. :)

      You know, you also described it so beautifully I could almost feel the multicolored crispy leaves while enjoying the whole beauty of nature which I could never get enough of! Nature always stays close to my heart.

      Thank you so much for sharing with me what it's like during fall. Loved your description!

      From me, as usual, you're most welcome, Od! :)

  3. Dear Balqis,
    Such nice thoughts and imagery. Thank you for sharing & also for checking in on my blog.

    I love spring and autumn, with autumn being my favorite...must be all those rich reds, golds, yellows and oranges of the season (I also love color). My Executive Assistant just put up some photos she took of all 4 seasons for one of my earlier posts. The trees are actually from where I live. The one with the ducks is from one of our local parks. If you like, you can see them here...

    1. Hello Andy! Thank you for your generous comments. Loved your descriptions of spring and autumn. Though I had never experienced the two seasons, I could imagine how beautiful it is with colorful leaves everywhere.

      Thank you for letting me know of your post. Will check it out. :)

  4. I wonder what those secrets are :-)

    1. You've to ask the leaves, Green. They talk in a language alien to us but listen very carefully you might hear it in the sounds of the crispy leaves. :)

      Just kidding!

      Well, Green, you know a lot more than me. I really appreciate you dropping by and taking some time to read my post. :)

  5. :) I see so the Autumn leaves whisper secrets just like me ;)

    Unfortunately our Autumn is almost its hot 9 months a year :/ still love the very short (microscopic) time we have when the leaves start to fall....just start then its over before its even started xD

    1. Nice to know that, Hotei. :)

      Surely at some other times you enjoy what nature offers you. Thank you for reading this post. :)