Nov 16, 2011

Awards For Friends

It's time again for me to pass on some awards to friends whom I have known in blogsphere. Each of the following blogs has the uniqueness of posts and the blog itself. They are among blogs I visit frequently.

It's my pleasure to present the first award, Blog Star, to Odliam of US.

Feel free to visit  Tony's Blog
This blog has many interesting posts which are written excellently. As he says, " won't be disappointed."  His works covers a wide range of topics such as philosophy, short stories, minitales and nanotales.The uniqueness of this blog is every post is accompanied with fragments of good songs and music.

The second award, The Versatile Blogger, goes to Suresh Shresta of Nepal.

Suresh owns two blogs and one of it is Waving Feelings. He has the versatility of writing interestingly poems/haikus and many other posts. He deserves this award for his excellent works.

The third award, Sunshine Award, goes to Maria of UK.

Maria could write well on any topic. I like some of the recipes she has in her blog. Feel free to visit her at Inside Looking Out

The fourth award, Kreativ Blogger, goes to Rosalinda of the Philippines.

Rosalinda has three blogs. One of it is What Matters Most . It is a very interesting blog with posts about "real experiences in life, expressing deepest thanks, sharing practical way to save money, choosing cool gadgets."  I had also awarded Rosalinda with the Sunshine Award, Stylish Blogger Award, Mommy Blogger and The Reader Appreciation Award.

All the awards are given with sincerity. I am looking forward to reading more posts from each blog and I hope we will stay connected through blogging.


  1. Congratulation to you and the chosen.

  2. Hi Balqis,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for awarding me another blog award. It's an honor to receive special appreciation from special friend like you.:)

    To Odliam, Suresh and Maria, congratulations! Thank you so much Balqis! Have a wonderful and blessed evening!:)

  3. Congratulations Balqis! And thanks for many great new blogs to read.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. @ ♥●• İzdiher •●♥

    Thanks a lot! They deserve the awards. :)

  5. @Sagittarian - You're welcome! It's my pleasure indeed to present another award to you. You deserve it. :)

  6. hi balqis, great to see your award ceremony here...
    congrats to all recipients.

    when you came over to my blog earlier, u tengok ada satu dari stela, i dah buang, di dtg balik tegur n tulis semula, i rasa ngeri betul,
    lepas tu dia gi kat ann dan tulis yg sama. she buang, u tgok i jwb dia 2 kali.
    u tgok n baca selepas u punya entry.. i takut ni, mcm psycho. kami x kenal dia.
    mcm mana dia dtg tempat i tepat pd waktu nya.. creeepy

  7. They deserve the awards. One of it was given by you to me. :)

    Mlm tadi, I pegi blog Wan. I ada baca komen dia. Lewat mlm tadi, I check komen kat sini. I terkejut, dia mai sini. Dia tanya naper Wan buang komen dia. Selain tu, dia kata resipi dr kawan Wan tu resipi yg buat dia muntah. I tak bagi muka utk komen jenis ni. I buang lah. I pun jd takut...tak nak lah org bg komen yg memalukan org lain. Lagi pun, I dah kenal Wan. Mungkin dia mai sini selepas tengok nama I kat blog Wan. Kita bantu sesama kita, kalau perkara tak baik org komen kat blog kt, kt buang jak lah. Jgn sampai buat kt malu. Mungkin dia tu jeles kot atau pun mmg jenis yg tak betul.

    Sebenarnya mlm td I nk bagitau hal ni. I terkejut dia tulis perkara sama kat blog org lain.

  8. Congratulations to you on your awards and to the luck recipients!

  9. Hello BB!!

    You make me feel so especial!

    I am sure I do not deserve so much compliment, but I am very happy for your kind distinction, mostly because you are the one who created it!

    Thank you so much for all the grace you bestow on me.

    Congratulations to all award recipients!

    And thank you again for your kindness!

  10. congratulations to all who received the awards..passing by Balqis..*thinking*..Wan says creepy..oh yes I agree..hmp..translator gadget please hehehe..just joking ;)

  11. @Ann - Thanks a lot. Welcome to my blog! Nice to see you here. :)

  12. @Odd - Hi! You deserve the award for your excellent blog. I love reading all your posts. Thank you for accepting it. :)

  13. @Sie - Thank you! Nice to see you passing by. :)

    Sorry, Sie, I can't translate it as it isn't in standard Bahasa Malaysia. Nothing to do with anyone here. :)

  14. Wwwwoooooowwwww!
    I won another award!Howww
    Nice it is and so happy I am now!!

    Thank You!
    Thank you for the amazing award!
    Thank you so much for your cute care!!

    And, to all of you blogger friends!
    Hearty thanks!
    And, to award-winning friends!


  15. Suresh, a WOW! from me, too, and it's for you! Like the rest of the awards' recipients, you deserve it, my friend. I'm humbly presenting it to you. Thank you for accepting it. :)

  16. this is brilliant. i meant i never meet someone who awarded others in this way. you seem appreciate ur blogsphere friends very much.

  17. I humbly present the awards to them and all of them deserve it. They are nice bloggers' friends. We share a lot through blogging. Thank you for your kind words. :)