Jul 29, 2010

Been Wondering......

Haven't been able to continue my previous entry due to unforeseen circumstances that had held back my intention of doing so. It's indeed a blessing that I'm here again and for this precious little moment, I hope to write a few lines. That's the least I could do but I really wish ideas would flow as swiftly as the water in a cool cascading stream.

As days go by, I presume each and everyone of us faces certain phases of life with its ups and downs and which to a certain extent makes us even more wiser in our decision making and thus transforms us into better persons with positive outlook in life than what it used to be. A wishful thought? Yup....partially though far from perfection.

A few things have been on my mind the past couple of days. Simple matters, I should say but we human make it so complicated thus making life a wee bit stressful. One particular thing that has been bugging me.......the traffic on the roads and the drivers as the key players. We are still lacking courtesy on the roads (this does not imply to everyone.....to some.....yes!) Needless to say, what we see really builds up the stress level. What are fast lanes for? Isn't it for those who want to overtake or drive faster than others? Have we ever wondered why are there people with "steel" bones crossing the road despite a heavy flow of traffic? Why are traffic lights not observed for the purpose it serves, safety wise? It's a lot more easier if only we could make full use of it which in return would cause no havoc to anyone.

It's really freaky to see drivers swerve their cars past other vehicles as though they are in a circuit.......or to my silly thought......they are escaping from some kind of turbulence like the twister.....LOL. The point is they are risking others' lives....if only they could pause for a minute and think likewise.

I'm residing in a fast growing town with an increasing number of vehicles each day. Sometimes, it's really irritating to see drivers who fail to observe the importance of road safety and I just couldn't help wondering whether they realise they aren't the only ones on the road. Well, I just can't elaborate more on this.

No offence to anyone......ok. It's just the way I see it. And hey! don't honk me when I drive slow and especially so when I'm on the right side of the road.

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