Jul 25, 2010

Sunday Morning........

A day to let my hair down....got many invitations for today's functions but I'm still at home feeling kinda lazy to go anywhere. It's a bright sunny morning here and the neighbourhood's so quiet.....life seems to stand still....if that's how I should say it. Maybe, most prefer to stay home and spend some quality time with family members.

On a day like this, there are times when my mind's carried away....reflecting on whatever I've done...the bad and good sides of it. Apart from that, I do have plans for future.....for the betterment of life.....I mean, my thoughts are on how to improve my life making it much more better than now. I'm contented with what I have though. Then again, one needs a much more secure future to face the challenges which might be beyond one's capability to handle.

Will continue my entry later........

*This pic has nothing to do with the entry above. Just a simple shot which I took from my Navara on the way to Kuching about 2 weeks ago. It's a mountain somewhere in between Sri Aman and Serian.

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