Jan 11, 2018

Happy To Be Here

I'm happy to be here again after what I considered as a hard "struggle" to get back to this beloved blog of mine. May be that's the price I have to pay for, being in hiatus, leaving this blog unattended!

I love writing, as always, it's just that sometimes ideas can't run swiftly like a river.  Nevertheless, I'm trying but not pushing myself too hard to pen some lines to keep this little space of mine going.

I hope it doesn't sound quite lame if I said that I have been very busy and that's the reason why I wasn't here. One thing which I would like to say, my heart is always here. The new year had just opened its door, so let's get the ball rolling!

Last but not least, special thanks to all visitors of this blog, wherever you are.



  1. Sometimes words tend to play hide-n-seek, every time you put your hands on keyboard or the pen, words get puzzled and tend not to make sense.

    Other times, words drops as if rain without ending, you could just glue words after words, and viola- thought becomes musical, does not matter whether they make sense or not. :P

    Keep at it, BB- you're not alone. :))

    1. Yeah...how naughty they are, right? We have to be fast to catch them and pen them down. :)

      I try to make sense of what I write though they might end up senseless! As you said, doesn't matter. For me, corrections can be done from time to time. :)

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Omo. :)

  2. Happy to see you back, Balqis.
    More than anything connecting with people/words who shares similar deep emotions and thoughts are the strong bonds we share in the univetse. And I'm proud to say, Balqis you share that connection with me.

    I feel amazing and motivated everytime I read you. So Thank you for this beautiful relationship we share.

    1. I'm so happy to see you, too, Epsita!

      This wide world connects us in certain ways,no matter in which nook and corner we are. I am always motivated by your writings. Strong bonds exist when we could read each others thoughts.

      Thank you so much for all your kindness. :)

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