Sep 1, 2012

Blog Hop Saturday! Linkup #5

It's the first Saturday of the month and time to blog hop again. Thank you so much to the host, Andy David, owner of  a very cool, romantic blog, Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn. If you are looking for very romantic, love poetry, his blog is worth to visit and you will be mesmerized by his unique poetry which are written so beautifully.

Since joining blog hop, I have got the chance to discover many good blogs and get to know more bloggers across the globe. It's so much fun. Come, don't hesitate, let's blog hop now!


  1. My dear Balqis,
    What a wonderful friend you are and a great promoter too! (LOL) Linky wasn't showing an image for you, so I've taken it upon myself to use your profile's much nicer looking than the blue frog! (haha) Thank you so much for always supporting me. Have a great weekend and happy hopping! ♥

    1. He he...I don't know what's wrong when I linked up, a blue frog appeared. I thought the prince frog would transform into something else later, so I left it as it is until you told me it's still there! But you've done a very good job by transforming it into a bee. That's magic!! LOL

      One more thing, the bunnies aren't hopping. Do they need a mantra? LOL

      Thank you so much, Andy. Have a great blog hop Saturday! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing you mention romantic poetry, what do you think of the moon..

    Take Care.