Jul 10, 2012

The Dialogue

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Age is just a figure.

You say so! What about if I'm 70 years old, you wouldn't want to look at me twice! :(

You would be a very wise man who would  make me keep looking at you.
What about if I'm old? How would it be for you?

That's all you will do! Stare at me! ROFL And I won't be useful for nothing!! There is an Opera by George Gershwin titled "Porgy and Bess" where the singer says "What is the good of being nine hundred years old as Methuselah if no gal wants to go with a nine hundred years old man!". ROFL

If you were old you would be like those violets in books that no matter how long they are there still let their scent elate the one who smells them!

If no gal wants a 900 year-old- man, there would be those around 100 years old who would readily want a very matured man. After all, age is just a figure.



  1. Age is a wrong factor- if you want to judge-
    Age is a right factor- if you want to find a peer-

    Age is just a figure- once we living upon our mind- ;))

    1. Omo, you say it right! Couldn't agree more. :)
      Thank you for your comments. I'm learning something from you. :))